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WARREN — The United Way of Trumbull County has returned home, opening in a new location in downtown Warren, not far from its original location more than 40 years ago.

The United Way will cut a ribbon and host an open house Tuesday at 10:00 am to allow the public to appreciate the new location at 295 Harmon Ave. NW can see.

Christine Cope is the new President of the United Way, effective July 1. Previously, she was Director of Marketing and Development for six years. She succeeds former President Ginny Pasha, who retired. Cope oversees three employees in the office, as well as an army of volunteers.

The United Way was along US Route 422 for many years.

“We didn’t need that much space at the old location, so we started looking at different options. We wanted to be more in downtown Warren, the county seat. This location became available and we are renting the top floor. The other location should have been renovated”, Said Cope.

Cope said the former location, where the United Way has been since 1991, has been sold.

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Cope said United Way’s roots began to grow in downtown Warren on Washington Avenue near the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library. The library car park is now located at the former location.

“We wanted to return to our Warren roots as we plan to celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2023. This location is perfect for us. It’s quiet here and we feel safe. We’re back downtown as we plan to celebrate our 100th anniversary. This is a fresh start for us.” She said.

The United Way was also located on Mahoning Avenue for a time. Cope said the agency moved to the new location on August 1.

“This summer we took stuff from 40 years ago and had to either give it away or recycle it. We spent a lot of time organizing it,” She said.

The ground floor has five offices and meeting rooms, as well as a volunteer area.


Cope said United Way has three areas of focus: “Study well, earn well and stay healthy.”

She said that reading programs for children included “Great reading at 8,” offered in the four elementary school buildings at Warren City Schools. Help is offered to children from kindergarten through first grade and from second through third grade.

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“Early childhood literacy will continue to be a strong focus. We have the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, the nature trail in Perkins Park, with plans for a storybook trail in the park. These are wonderful programs.” Said Cope.

There is also a diabetes initiative which includes prescription vouchers primarily for seniors with diabetes and special projects through the United Way at Work program.

Cope said the agency plans to expand its early childhood literacy programs. She said there are potential opportunities to work with community members and community organizations.

“We have a grassroots initiative with mini-scholarships that we will implement next year. We plan to start this in 2023”, She said.

Opportunities to raise money for United Way programs and projects will continue through the fall.

“A lot of what we do focuses on early childhood literacy and the opportunity to continue supporting programs in Trumbull County because it’s so important post-pandemic.” She said.

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Sallie Daugherty, finance director who has been with the agency since 1982, said she plans to retire after 40 years but will now remain as operations director. She has been to three agency locations.

“It’s really changed over the course of 40 years, with more reach and targeted impact.” She said.

Daugherty said she likes the smaller office building.

Based on the numbers

• As of 2021, 92,000 people in the county accessed one or more programs, according to the United Way of Trumbull County. The agency reported that 19 local programs were funded by 14 agencies; 278 volunteers; 1,500 volunteer hours; Discounts on over 10,000 recipes; 19,361-plus calls to 211; and over 175 coupons for diabetes-related medications.

• The United Way of Trumbull County will open Tuesday at 10:00 am at its new facility at 295 Harmon Ave. SE, Warren, cut the tape.

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