Tokyo welcomes startups to innovate and expand in the city

Famed for cutting-edge innovations like the Shinkansen, Walkman, Android robots, and world-renowned automobile and electronics companies, Japan — the world’s third-largest economy by nominal GDP — is now trying to encourage innovation, and Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is supporting start-ups of expansion in Tokyo.

Seemingly unaffected by accelerating inflation and other economic crises occurring in countries around the world.

Japan has remained stable with limited price increases. Japan is seeing an increasingly positive annual growth trend in investments in domestic startups, and Tokyo has focused on shaping the ecosystem and fostering sustainable urban growth initiatives.

To this end, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is organizing a live webinar in cooperation with The Indus Entrepreneurs.Tokyo: Innovation is everywhere‘ on 09/30/2022at 3:30 PM via Zoom to encourage Indian and other overseas tech startups to capitalize on business opportunities to expand in Tokyo.

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Tokyo as the next big destination for startups

The webinar introduces Tokyo as a perfect destination for foreign startups’ breakthrough innovations and planning to set up operations in the city, and Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a powerful supporter for them.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government believes that Tokyo was and will be a place where innovation would solve more social problems and lead to the realization of sustainable economic growth by bringing together foreign companies and entrepreneurs with Tokyo’s companies and human resources.

With a strong network of venture capitalists, incubation offices and consistent support from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo has established itself as a favorable environment for foreign startups to set up businesses, according to the Governor’s Office of Policy Planning.

The metropolitan government established the business development center and implemented projects such as business matching and subsistence and administrative procedures to support foreign companies and entrepreneurs already operating in Tokyo or considering starting a business.

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Large Japanese tech companies and local universities are also promoting innovation through open innovation initiatives and global collaborations with well-known names in technology and start-ups.

Big names in technology

Several big names in technology and startups will share their input during the webinar. Innovation giant SONY, well versed in business innovation in Japan, will discuss Tokyo’s attractiveness as a business city. SONY is joined by The Indus Entrepreneurs, a leading global non-profit entrepreneurship organization, to offer their perspective.

Accenture India will discuss the city’s market environment in the global inflation trend, while overseas companies Infervision and Tellus You Care, supported by Access to Tokyo Singapore, will provide insights into the challenges and tips on how to succeed in the city. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will present the various services it offers to make the expansion process for foreign companies smoother.

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As a participant you can expect an insight into:

01. The attractive business market in Tokyo

02. Perspectives and support for success in Tokyo

03. Challenges and tips to complete them as you expand into the city

04. Success stories of foreign companies founded in Tokyo

05. Japanese corporate initiatives, priority areas and establishment of ESG-related programs

06. The startup investment trend in Tokyo

07. Tokyo Metropolitan Government support services for interested foreign companies

Given the booming startup ecosystem, this is an attractive opportunity for startups looking to expand in the thriving Japanese business market. Register for the webinar to grow your startup’s business through innovation and explore ways to venture into Tokyo.

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