Research reveals the jobs most likely to ease the struggle of parenting and the best careers for new parents

According to parents, CHILD CARE and counseling jobs are the “most family-friendly” jobs.

A study of 2,000 working parents with children ages 2 to 17 found which industries are most likely to ease parenting’s struggle, with popular perks like flexible hours and working from home.

A study has shown which industries are most likely to ease the struggle of parents


A study has shown which industries are most likely to ease the struggle of parentsPhoto credit: Getty
Childcare and counseling careers are the


Childcare and counseling careers are the “most family-friendly” jobs, according to parentsPhoto credit: Getty
Accounting and human resources were also considered good jobs for new parents


Accounting and human resources were also considered good jobs for new parentsPhoto credit: Getty

Other careers that are considered good for new parents include accounting, teaching assistant, health and safety, or human resources.

It also showed that almost half (48 percent) of parents would like to work in a more family-friendly environment.

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And only 18 percent perceive the return to work after having a child as “seamless”.

The most important factors that new parents value most when returning to work are an understanding boss (34 percent) and friendly colleagues (40 percent).

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A spokesman for the Open Study College, which offers adults the opportunity to learn new skills from home, said: “As we pass milestones in life, our priorities and goals can change.

“For some people, having a family is the most important thing and they like to let their careers take a back seat.

“Others are just the opposite—they want to continue excelling in their careers and want more help from others with raising families.

“Of course both are possible, so the right job or even the right company is crucial.”

The study also found that 44 percent of respondents would like an easy commute after returning to work after childbirth.

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But 57 percent say their work priorities haven’t changed after having their first child.

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Of those whose life goals have shifted, 48 percent no longer wanted to work late, and 44 percent finished work over the weekend.

Almost a third (31 percent) changed jobs after returning to work after having children, with many moving into a health or social work role.

While the study revealed the roles adults find good for working parents, it also uncovered the jobs that were seen as bad for work-life balance.

A police officer was at the top of the list because of all the paperwork and late shifts officers work, according to OnePoll numbers.

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Lawyers, journalists and security guards follow, while 28 percent think that the surgical profession is not particularly family-friendly.

The spokesman for the Open Study College added: “The roles on our list are what respondents see as non-family-friendly careers.

“Of course that doesn’t mean that there aren’t positions in the police force or in event management that wouldn’t be suitable for families with children.

“In fact, as the lists show, many people consider events management to be an absolutely family-friendly profession.”


1. Advice

2. Child care

3. Health and Social Care

4. Psychology

5. Teaching Assistant

6. Accounting

7. Accounting

8. Event Management

9. Health and Safety

10. Human Resources

11. Marketing

12. Nursing

13. Public Relations

14th leadership

15. Project Management

16. Beauty Therapy

17. Physiotherapist

18. Nutritionist

19. Veterinary care

20. Realtor


1. Policeman

2. Lawyer

3. Journalist

4. Security guard

5. Surgeon

6. Pharmacist

7. Managing Director

8. Retail Sellers

9. Tour Guide

10. Cook

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