Local Entrepreneur Mercedes Wilson “Relishes” in Sweet Success- Expands Relish Line To 66 Tops Locations – Oswego County Today

Photo courtesy of Tops Friendly Markets.

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – Mercedes Wilson, or Sadie as she’s known to her friends and family, is talking about her recent sweet success in expanding her Pleasure line to 66 top-friendly markets a month.

Last summer, Sadi’s launched its products in 39 locations just in time for Father’s Day, a fitting tribute to the man to thank in part for its success.

Inspired by her grandmother Grace’s Cha Cha recipe, you’ll often find Sadie cooking alongside her father, Kelvin Holloway, incorporating her family’s recipe into everything from breakfast staples like eggs to side dishes and more. Combines like ribs, chicken. On scallops and tacos!

“When my dad mentioned it, I didn’t know what it was. She tried her best to explain the flavors to me and I made it until my dad said it reminded him of something my grandmother used to make,” Wilson said.

Since then Sadie started making it for friends and family who fell in love with it.

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“What you see on the shelves at Topps is inspired by my grandmother. I hope it makes him proud, Wilson said.

A foodie at heart, Mercedes was always around food since childhood. Along with her grandmother, she recalls being the inspiration for the recipe because her father, one of 11 children, was always cooking.

“When breakfast was over, he was getting ready for the next meal,” Wilson said.

That inspiration led Mercedes to launch her own line of Sadie’s Relish’s, and she tells a Tops spokesperson that more delicious homemade recipes may be on the horizon.

He attributes his success only to being kind to people and building relationships. “The more honest you are in your relationships and get to know people, the better business you will have. Saadi said: This is up to you.

She’s also grateful for the new partnerships she’s made with essential and impactful programs like UB’s Cultivator Program and Launch NY, which she joined last summer, helping her grow her business.

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“I’m so excited to be a part of the UB Cultivator program. It was created to help startup founders in Western New York with mentorship and support. These mentors have rolled up their sleeves and helped me solve the problem. solve and become a better founder and thinker about my business. They also help me connect with investors and provide ongoing support through a co-working space. I’m very excited to expand in 2023,” Wilson said.

Launching NY: Founders Go Big Initiative is an initiative designed to increase the participation of underrepresented and underserved founders in creating high-growth potential businesses. I have coaches in this program that I meet and they challenge me to get better. Buffalo is truly amazing!”

As if her plate wasn’t already full running a successful business, she also recently joined AM Buffalo in June 2022 as a co-host alongside Emily Lampa and is busy raising her family of four with her husband.

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An accomplished singer, writer, breast cancer survivor, and nonprofit founder, there isn’t much that Sadie hasn’t tackled head-on and succeeded.

From backyard barbeques to brunch, Sadie’s Relish – both mild and warm – will add extra flavor to your meals. To select Sadie’s Relish at most Tops locations and to learn more about this successful entrepreneur, visit her website at www.mercedeswilson.com.

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Based in Williamsville, N.Y., Tops Markets currently operates 149 grocery stores in New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont, including five stores owned by franchisees. As the largest private, for-profit employer in Western New York, with more than 14,000 partners, the company is dedicated to providing sustainably sourced, high-quality products while supporting programs that eradicate hunger and disease. Educates the youth, helps the prosperity of their communities. and reducing environmental waste and energy consumption. For more information visit www.topsmarkets.com.

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