Jennifer Lynn Barnes Reveals New Duology Series ‘The Brothers Hawthorne’

The Hawthorne Brothers by Jennifer Lynn Barnes book cover

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Thanks to her work with Jennifer Lynn Barnes, she has created one of the biggest series in recent history The Inheritance Games Trilogy. And it’s clear that fans can’t get enough as the series continues to reign on the New York Times bestseller list. But unfortunately all good things come to an end…or do they?

The third and last book in The Inheritance Games Trilogy, The Last Gambit, is actually not the end of the road. In fact, Jennifer has hinted at new projects and some readers have actually guessed correctly what they might be, but now it’s time to hear the truth.

Cosmopolitan exclusively announces two new books set in the world of The Inheritance Games that will follow the Greyson and Jameson Hawthorne. The Hawthorne brothers is not a sequel, confirmed publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, but a new standalone duology. Here’s a little more about what to expect straight from Little, Brown Books for Young Readers:

“Four brothers. Two missions. An explosive read. Jennifer Lynn Barnes returns to the world of her No.Grayson Hawthorne was raised as the heir apparent to his billionaire grandfather and was taught from cradle to put family first. Now the great Tobias Hawthorne is dead and his family is disinherited, but some lessons remain. When Grayson’s half-sisters get into trouble, he jumps in to do what he does best: deal with the problem – efficiently, effectively, and ruthlessly. And without getting bogged down in emotional entanglements.
Jameson Hawthorne is a risk taker, a sensation seeker, a game player. When his mysterious father shows up asking a favor, Jameson can’t resist the challenge. Now he must infiltrate London’s most exclusive underground gambling club, catering to the rich, powerful and aristocrats, and win an impossible game with the biggest stakes. Thankfully, Jameson Hawthorne lives for the impossible.

Engaged in twisted games on opposite sides of the world, Grayson and Jameson – with the help of their brothers and the girl who inherited her grandfather’s fortune – must dig deep into their pockets to decide who they want to be and what each of them does will sacrifice to them to win.”

As with the original trilogy, this book will be released with a regular cover (shown above) and a Barnes & Noble Special Edition cover, which you can see below:

Save your calendars because both issues will be available on August 29, 2023.

Before you run to pre-order the first book in this new series and start reading again That inheritance games Trilogy, don’t miss an exclusive excerpt below that may be short and sweet, but is the first official look at this brand new duology. Listen!

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An excerpt from The Hawthorne brothers
By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

“As someone with friends, a girlfriend, and a small army of robots, I just think you could use a little more balance in your life,” Xander said. “A real hobby? downtime?”

Grayson raised an eyebrow. “You’ve filed at least three patents since school ended for the summer last month, Xan.”

Xander shrugged. “These are recreational patents.”

“I should get back to work,” Grayson repeated, using a tone effective in putting everyone but his brothers in their place. “And despite what Avery and Jameson seem to think, I don’t need a babysitter.”

“You don’t need a babysitter,” Xander agreed happily, “and I’m definitely not writing a book called The Care and Feeding of Your Brooding Twenty-Year-Old Brother.”

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Grayson’s eyes narrowed to slits.

“I can assure you,” Xander said with great solemnity, “there are no pictures.”

Before Grayson could muster an appropriate threat, his phone buzzed. Assuming they were the numbers he requested, Grayson picked up the phone only to discover a text message from Nash. He looked back at Xander and knew immediately that his youngest brother had received the same message.

Grayson was the one who read the fateful letter aloud: “Nine-one-one.”

Copyright © 2023 by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. From THE BROTHERS HAWTHORNE by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Reprinted with permission from Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, a division of the Hachette Book Group.

The Hawthorne brothers, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes will be published on August 29, 2023. To pre-order the book, click on the retailer of your choice:

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