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Hawaii is rolling out its electric vehicle infrastructure plan — which includes installing 11 chargers on six islands — following President Joe Biden’s announcement Tuesday that he would approve similar plans across the states.

The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure is a new program under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that was passed last November.

As part of the program, the federal government has established an EV infrastructure standard for all states, and the first phase requires that a fast charger be installed at 50-mile intervals along and within a mile of all of Hawaii’s highways, according to the state Department of Transportation .

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Hawaii’s DOT expects approximately $6.1 million over the first two years of the five-year program, which aims to install a reliable and convenient network of fast EV charging stations across the state. According to DOT, the chargers can fully charge four cars simultaneously in 20 minutes.

“Hawaii ranks first among states in electric vehicle adoption,” said Ed Sniffen, associate director of the DOT Highways Division. “Through this program, we will fill gaps in the state’s charging network to make EV ownership less expensive and charging more convenient to support the transition in line with our aggressive state goals.”

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The approved plan calls for the installation of 11 chargers on six islands. DOT is already discussing the placement of the chargers with state and local government agencies, local electric utilities, and commercial center owners, among others.

Community engagement will be key to the plan to ensure the chargers are placed in areas that are safe, accessible and don’t impact neighborhoods, DOT said.

Over the next three months, DOT will complete the selection of the first three sites, prepare the sites, and order the charging equipment. The department plans to work with its existing contractor, Sustainability Partners, to purchase, operate and service the chargers.

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Once the 11 chargers are in place, DOT will update its plan to add charging stations to other corridors and community locations.

Updates on plan implementation and community meeting schedules will be posted on the DOT website.

For more information on the plan, visit hidot.hawaii.gov/highways/hawaii-nevi-state-plan/.

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