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Day 3 of the IV WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup has to deal with inclement weather in Taipei City. The WBSC suspended the game between Australia and Cuba. It will continue at a later announced date and time.

The rain forced the postponement of the afternoon game between Puerto Rico and the Netherlands.

It is still raining lightly at Tianmu Stadium and the night game between Korea and Mexico has been postponed indefinitely.

Bad weather also hit Taichung. The rain delayed Venezuela-Japan by an hour in the top third.

.Schedule for day 3

Colombia 10-0 South Africa (6 innings) BOX RESULT
Australia-Cuba postponed PHOTO GALLERY
Japan-Venezuela 5-2 BOX RESULT
Netherlands @ Puerto Rico postponed
Germany @ Chinese Taipei GAME BY GAME
rain delayed Korea @ Mexico GAME BY GAME


Japan-Venezuela 5-2

Japan clinched a big win over defending champions Venezuela after a game that started with dominating lineups, was delayed by an hour by rain and allowed Japan’s bullpen to only walk the last four innings.

Japan wasted no time. They caught Venezuela’s starter Carlos Neveda with back-to-back hits from the top of the batting order and Takumi Fujii batted in the first heat of the game.

Venezuela hits right back against Tetsuyuki Fujimura. Jesus Chirinos hit a two-RBI double and turned the lead.

Naveda got himself into trouble with two hit batters and a walk. Japan made the best of it with a sacrifice fly from Ren Onishi and a two-RBI single from Hiroki Nakagawa to take the lead 4-2.

Rain forced the referees to halt play in the top third.

The game resumed an hour late.

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Japaned added an insurance run to the top of sixth after Tatsuya Shirono hit the base.

Ryuta Kudo, Ryotaro Sawayanagi, Raiku Katayama and Ryusei Gonda didn’t meet Venezuela in the last four innings.

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Germany @ Chinese Taipei

Chinese Taipei scored on the first opportunity against Titus Von Kapff thanks to an RBI single from Sheng Ping Chen.

Netherlands @ Puerto Rico

The two teams announced lineups, but the game never started.

After a 90-minute wait, the WBSC Technical Committee rescheduled the game to a later date to be announced.

Australia @ Cuba

Bad weather forced the WBSC Technical Committee to postpone the game. It will continue at a later announced date and time.

At the end of the first, after Cuba’s right fielder Cristian Hidalgo struggled to keep his balance while trying to get into third place, the referee crew stopped the game.

The WBSC Technical Committee postponed the game after an 80-minute suspension.

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ColombiaSouth Africa 10:0

Colombia took the lead in the second and never had to look back. South Africa stayed in the game until the end of the sixth game when Colombia scored seven runs against three South African pitchers, ending the game under the run difference rule.

Colombia took the lead at the end of the second when Daniel Aguilar hit a two-RBI double on Kade Smith.

Bryan Buelvas and Roger Caraballo doubled in the final period to extend the Colombian lead to 3-0.

Colombia hit seven runs in the bottom third of round six against three South African pitchers, with four hits (including three doubles) and one defensive error.


Korea @ Mexico

The final game scheduled for Day 3 at Tianmu Stadium is delayed by rain. The two teams have announced their starting line-ups.


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