Women Entrepreneurship And Conclave Awards 2022 (WECA) Aims To Bring Together Indian Women Entrepreneurs


The Women Entrepreneurship and Conclave Awards 2022 or WECA is an exclusive, invitation-only event for women entrepreneurs. This entire event encompasses the growth and development of women-led companies and startups.

QWEEN, an online careers platform for women dedicated to empowering women by offering jobs, training, mentoring and networking opportunities, took this initiative to recognize and celebrate the women entrepreneurs and business leaders who are growing and inspiring other female communities in India and train.

With this event, the team aims to create a common platform for women entrepreneurs to boost their entrepreneurial spirit, share their knowledge of being successful women entrepreneurs and recognize some influential people.

WECA recognizes and celebrates outstanding women entrepreneurs whose pioneering initiatives and ideas have enhanced India’s entrepreneurial and social ecosystem. This event is a great opportunity for you to meet, socialize and even get a chance to fundraise.

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Event Date: October 2nd

Venue: The Club, Mumbai

Event start and end time: 9:30am to 5:30pm

Prominent speakers:

  1. Ms. Poonam Mahajan – Member of Parliament Loksabha
  2. Mrs. Smita Thackeray – Social activist and film producer
  3. Ms. Sunanda Tai Pawar – Social Activist Baramati
  4. Reema Sanghavi – Founder and Managing Director – Maximus Mice and Media Solutions Pvt ltd
  5. dr Rekha Chaudhry – Global Wellness Ambassador
  6. Mrs. Shweta Shalini – Speaker – Bharatiya Janata Party

Participation categories for women entrepreneurs

1. Pitch for venture financing

  • Medium will range from 50L to 20Cr
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2. Nominate for an award

3. Exhibit at the event

  • Brand logo on photobooth
  • 2 * 4 foot stall outside the ballroom
  • Rights to use the event logo for pre and post advertising
  • F&B passes for the event (2)
  • Social media posts (Facebook and Insta)
  • 500 foot drop at the stable
  • Supplementary backdrop equipment
  1. Join the event
  • Enjoy food and drinks as you receive 1 pass at the time of entry
  • Meet and network with more than 200 entrepreneurs and industry leaders
  • Take competency-based training
  • A high-energy session from influential speakers

Registration Link – https://forms.gle/5Z9avvmZR3mEmykY6

Event highlights

1) Networking – meet and greet with over 200 female entrepreneurs, investors and executives.

2) Startup Investor Meeting – Face-to-face meeting with top VCs and angel investors. Feature your startup and get the funding you need to grow your business.

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3) Award Summit – Get recognized for your hard work and innovation. Nominate yourself today.

4) Startup Exhibitions – Present your products/services to a large audience. Capture the attention of potential investors, industry leaders, fellow entrepreneurs, and industry experts.

5) Debates, Discussions and Speeches – Powerful sessions from influential speakers. Join interactive sessions with decision makers and industry leaders.

For any questions – Write to [email protected] or call – 9322789996

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