When to Get the Best Black Friday Deals This Year

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We have all felt the effects of inflation this year No matter where you live in the United States – higher gas prices, rising rents and spikes utility bills. But how will inflation affect the holiest shopping day of the year: Black Friday? So we expect holiday sale to playing this year – and which strategy is the most likely to score you the best offers.

Will Inflation slow Holiday shopping?

It is true that inflation affects many things such as groceries, pet supplies, home improvement projectsand medical care—but it didn’t Everyone gone up. Electronics, toys, books and jewelry actually have significant price decreases compared to the previous year, after a Report from Retail Dive.

and dedespite inflation affecting some prices, rRetail spending for August is up almost 10% this month only, indicating buyers are willing to spend. Experts are forecasting this despite worse offers and higher inflation overallBuyers will not hesitate to pick up deals this holiday season.

Stock has increased this year

what we can Expect this Black Friday is due to oversupply from retailers Mathew Isaac, Professor of Marketing at Seattle University’s Albers School of Business. “There’s an abundance of inventory that’s different than last year,” he says. “A lot of retailers will try to divest that aggressively.”

This surplus is partly due to consumer behavior earlier this year, which may have answer to inflation of prices and the fear of a possible recession. Some Ppeople can discouraged from shoppingresulting in many retailers overstocking this shopping season.

As an answer many retailers started their business early this year to try and offload some of that Oversupply, but these deals are just a marketing strategy, according to Isaac. He says that The closer T comesHanksgiving, retailers go to fill up and reevaluate their inventory, and if There is quiet a lot of left, they will be more aggressive with theirs Bno Friday offers.

The best Christmas shopping strategy for 2022

Last year the expert advice was to get the early deals. This year, the waiting game is the strategy. “Wait and see how things play out closer to Black Friday,” Isaac said. “For llarger ticket items, You could get better deals if you wait longer.

In particular, items that people wanted to buy or upgrade when the pandemic first hit should be good sale in November. TVfor example, were important targets during the pandemic, and manufacturers knew it. In order to have enough supplies, they built up their warehouses. However, due to inflation, many retailers have not been able to sell as much of their inventory as they anticipated. These events make for the perfect storm for Black Friday TV deals.

A limitation of isaac Expect to pay more shipping costs during Black Friday than you do now earlier Offers. The increase in sales during the peak shopping season will demand strong shipping.

With that in mind, if you’re planning to shop for Black Friday, do it skillfully. Make sure you really get a good price through with price trackers like CamelCamelCamel, Treasure, or Capital One Shopping. These trackers also show you different retailers that sell the same items so you can easily compare prices. and you can set price alerts like this You don’t have to keep looking for price drops.


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