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A visibly excited Jason Kenney was at the De Havilland Canada press conference on Wednesday to speak about the new aircraft factory, but he also spoke about how excited he is about the future of Alberta’s economy.

“We’ve seen amazing growth across Alberta’s economy over the past several years. We lead Canada in economic growth, we lead Canada in job growth. Over the past three years, US$160 billion in investment has returned to our province. 200,000 net new jobs since the beginning of last year,” he said.

Typically, a boom in Alberta’s economy usually means oil and gas is thriving. While that definitely plays a big role, a big reason Kenney is excited about the future is the recent diversification of the economy.

“Diversification is so important to the future of this province. It does not mean turning away from the great boon of our vast energy resources and the brilliant hundreds of thousands of people who make it possible. It means adding other industries. We’re firing almost all cylinders at it, with the fastest growing information technology sector in North America with record years in agriculture and forestry, with tremendous growth in industries like petrochemicals, we stand on the cusp of becoming a multi-trillion dollar global hub -Hydrogen becoming an industry, $10 billion invested in green technologies and things like carbon sequestration.”

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The aircraft factory will play a major role once completed, as Kenney said manufacturing was a particular focus of his administration as he believed it may have been the only area where Alberta was not thriving and the resulting by-products appear so , as if manufacturing could be another strength of the province in the near future.

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There’s no doubt that the industrial side of things is looking great, but that’s not all that makes Kenney’s optimism. The recent Alberta is Calling plan aims to attract a skilled workforce from Toronto and Vancouver, and Kenney believes the quality of life benefits that Alberta offers will strengthen the workforce, which will then directly impact our industries and our economy will affect.

“We know that every industry in every region will face labor law challenges. My response was, ‘Well, then you have to settle in Alberta because that’s where people can afford to live, settle down, buy a house and raise a family,'” he said he.

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“Why would you fight in a region where it costs over $1,000,000 to own a home when you could come and buy an affordable home? a little over $400,000 or out in Strathmore for less than that, and actually have a high quality of life. So yes, Alberta is calling and people are coming. The kind of people with the skills that manage to have land and aerospace clusters a complete success.”

If all investments bear fruit and the “Alberta is Calling” strategy works as planned, Kenney’s optimism could translate into economic results in large measure.

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