Ways to Build and Run a Startup

Entrepreneurship has become one of the most effective ways to deal with the world’s rising unemployment rate. Apart from that, it is vital for the economic development of every country. But building and running a business, large or small, takes more than passion. It requires enough money, patience and dedication to be successful. Also, be ready for all the learning curves, failures, and challenges that come with it. The learning curves and challenges differ depending on the type of entrepreneurship you venture into. Another important thing is to be up to date with the laws that regulate the sector.

types of entrepreneurship

There are four main types of entrepreneurship:

Among the four, small businesses make up more than 90 percent. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), about 99 percent of US businesses fall under the category of small businesses, most of which are entrepreneurial ventures. This makes sense because of the money required to start a business, and few people can venture into the other three types of entrepreneurship.

Despite the challenges that come with entrepreneurship, once you’re made up and determined, you can sail through. But you must learn through mentors, reading and experience.

When you become an entrepreneur, here are some important steps to follow.

Steps you need to take as a prospective entrepreneur (building a startup)

Gain knowledge and develop your skills

what do you dare Do you want to become a tech entrepreneur, enter the service industry, enter any agricultural value chain, buy and sell or enter the production of goods? The first step is to acquire adequate knowledge of the mentioned industry. You need to learn from industry experts, research the industry, and read about successful and failed ventures.

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You also need to develop your skills, especially if you venture into the service, creative, or manufacturing industries. Also, be ready to adapt to changes and be open to new information/developments.

Just as you would hire a Scottsdale drunk driving attorney, if you find yourself caught up in a drunk driving case in Scottsdale, you should hire a business attorney to walk you through the basics of your chosen industry and the laws, which they regulate.


Getting into an industry and being successful depends on the type of people you meet and the network you build. You need recommendations and positive reviews from others to have a strong background. Solid and effective networks can help you attract investors, customers, funds and partners. Your network can also provide the necessary support and play an advisory role in your setup. As a small business owner, explore all the ways to stay in business.

Decide on a specific company

Honestly, there are countless businesses that you can venture into as an entrepreneur; However, you can only be successful in a few. Therefore, choose a business that you have sufficient knowledge/information about or are familiar with. Don’t play a game of trying your luck when investing in a company. If you do that, it leads to nothing but failure.

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Here are some business ideas

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Whatever business you decide to do, it has to be something you have enough knowledge about.

Have a business plan

Before starting a business, you need to create a business plan. The plan guides you and helps you focus on your core business goals. That being said, a well-researched and written business plan can provide you with an opportunity to secure the necessary funds to start your business. An effective company should include an executive summary, business model, market conditions, products or services, financial plan, operations, and marketing and sales strategy.


One of the toughest challenges most entrepreneurs face is raising funds for their business. Therefore, most startups rely on self-financing. However, if you have a solid business plan and your business is scalable, you can secure funding from investors, financial institutions, venture capital funds, or partner with like-minded people.

How to run a startup

Leading a startup can be very demanding and exhausting. Viewing the competition from existing companies combined with internal and external demands can be challenging. However, entrepreneurs can use several effective strategies to run a successful startup.

Hire self-motivated workers

One of the most effective ways to ensure efficiency and productivity is to hire a self-motivated workforce. Your employees should be action-oriented, self-motivated and innovative. Your employees should have a clear role to avoid crossing boundaries, which can lead to an ineffective work environment.

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Proper supervision and monitoring

They had a strict hiring process and were fortunate to hire staff who could work with little or no supervision. However, you should have a monitoring and surveillance team working underground to monitor the job performance of each worker. Monitoring allows you to identify the weaknesses of your workforce, as well as the tools and motivation needed, so you can take various avenues to address/improve the situation.


Technological advances have made doing business easier than ever. Therefore, you cannot do things manually when there is software or an app that takes care of it. Administrative tasks such as receipts and billing, calendar scheduling, social media marketing and responses, bookings, email replies, and payroll, among others, should be automated. It helps you focus more on core business.


If you aspire to become an entrepreneur, you lose nothing that can ensure your success. The key to success here is learning, raising the necessary funds and connecting with the right people. It is also very important to have mentors in the industry. It won’t be a smooth ride, and you may learn some things the hard way. Still, it would be worth the experience to learn from the mistakes.


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