Ways to Attract New Employees Who Have Disabilities

Employing people with disabilities helps keep a business environment diverse and takes advantage of people’s diverse perspectives and backgrounds. However, the practice of hiring a diverse group of people can be difficult. Fortunately, employers can (and should) design their hiring process with people with disabilities in mind. Today, Markets Herald shares some ways for employers to attract new employees who have different skills.

Maintain Good Employee Relations

Maintaining a good relationship with employees is important for workers of all abilities. Some of the qualities that a good leader should possess are:

  • Providing clear and consistent feedback
  • Ask employees how they are doing on a regular basis, both in their personal and professional lives
  • Support workers regarding their projects and priorities
  • Consistently set clear expectations

These are just a few of the many guidelines that managers can use to maintain good relationships with all of their employees. Existing employees can be a good resource when it comes to recruiting new employees.

Consider the Hiring Process

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In addition to having an accessible website, hiring managers should ensure that the hiring process encourages people with disabilities to apply for jobs in other ways. For example, employers can create a document that outlines several reasons why the company is a great choice for people with disabilities. This may come in the form of a PDF file, where creators can use a PDF editor to easily make changes to the piece if they decide to add or delete something. Once the document is approved, managers can download the piece and share it with potential employees.

Use Active Language

The range of workplace disabilities includes conditions as diverse as heart disease, depression, deafness, traumatic brain injury, and other things that affect mental and physical health. Because these conditions are so diverse, workplaces must be inclusive of all disabilities and all barriers. One way to promote inclusion is to encourage the use of inclusive language. There are many ways to use mixed language, such as:

  • Using person-first phrases, for example, saying “a person who uses a wheelchair” rather than “a wheelchair user”
  • Avoid using offensive and outdated terminology
  • Choosing terms that include not only people of all abilities, but also races, ethnicities, and genders
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Educating others about the language can be an important step in the right direction for employees with disabilities to see and be included.

Research the technology

Another way employers can help people with disabilities, especially when working, is to make sure the technology they use works with people who see and hear differently. Web pages should provide the ability to zoom as well as include closed captions on all videos on the page. Websites can also provide the option of browsing the web with less distraction, which can be helpful for some people who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Think for a long time

Obviously, for the sake of all your employees, you also need to make sure your business is sustainable. That could mean getting a bigger profit from marketing through social media, but it could also mean putting yourself in front of other business leaders by going back to school. If you don’t already have a business degree, here’s a good option that’s sure to give you the extra knowledge you need to succeed. Best of all, the flexibility of online programs means you can study at your own pace and apply the lessons you’ve learned in real time.

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Implementing Internship Opportunities

Because many people with disabilities are at a disadvantage in the hiring process, it can be advantageous for employers to create internship opportunities for people with disabilities. By doing this, experts say companies can attract talent from all people.

When employers hire people with disabilities, it greatly benefits the company because it can then use new and different perspectives.

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