Walmart Shoppers Won’t Have to Wait Until Black Friday to Snag Great Deals

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Walmart fans can expect the discounts to hit much sooner.

Important points

  • Many buyers turn to Walmart for a range of items at affordable prices.
  • Those hoping to turn to Walmart for Black Friday deals may be able to get their shopping done sooner.
  • Walmart’s offerings will be available beginning in early November.

For many consumers, Black Friday is the most anticipated shopping event of the year. And this year, consumers may be counting on Black Friday even more.

Inflation has been ravaging consumers for well over a year, and at this point many are already cutting back on spending to save money and minimize their credit card debt. And so, for some shopping events like Black Friday, being able to hand out Christmas gifts or not could make all the difference.

But Walmart fans looking for discounts don’t have to wait for Black Friday this year. Walmart plans to start offering discounts in early November. That should give consumers time to get started with their Christmas shopping — and avoid last-minute waits until Black Friday or beyond.

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What to expect from Walmart in November

Walmart offers competitive prices on a variety of goods year-round. But starting early next month, consumers should expect discounts on everything from toys to electronics to home decor.

Walmart has also announced that it has increased its range of popular items, and that’s good news for consumers. Last year, supply chain issues made it harder than usual for holiday shoppers to cross items off their lists. Supply chains are generally doing better this year, but they are not fully catching up. So the fact that Walmart is acknowledging this is helpful.

The amount of money you spend at Walmart next month should depend on factors such as: B. how much you have saved for the holidays and how many gifts you have to buy. In general, racking up credit card debt while shopping for Christmas isn’t a good idea. But if Walmart’s pre-holiday discounts are big enough, you might not have to.

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Of course, a good approach to taking advantage of Walmart’s discounts is to make a list of the items you want to buy and prioritize them. That way, when you run out of money, you’ve already bought the things you care about most.

If you’re doing your Christmas shopping at Walmart early this year, be sure to keep copies of your receipts. Walmart has said that purchases made on or after October 1st can be returned until January 31st, 2023. That’s a pretty generous window.

Is Walmart Abolishing Black Friday?

There’s no reason to believe that. While the big-box giant rolls out deals ahead of Black Friday, that doesn’t mean we won’t see a variety of doorbusters and discounts the day after Thanksgiving. But whether you want to stick to those deals is another story.

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The problem with Black Friday is that the most discounted items may be limited in quantity. Plus, Black Friday shopping isn’t a pleasant experience — at least not in person. So instead of waiting for the big event, you could instead check out Walmart’s deals and inventory early next month.

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