Walmart Expands Marketplace Opportunity for Indian Exporters Ahead of the Busy Holiday Season in the U.S. and Canada

Walmart Marketplace is the ideal choice for top brands and sellers who want to connect with American consumers on a trusted platform. With the busy holiday season fast approaching, we’re making it even easier for sellers in the US and other major markets to shine by using tools like Walmart Connect and Walmart Fulfillment Services.

To help Indian businesses leverage Walmart Marketplace to grow and offer our buyers a wider range of international quality products, Walmart hosted a one-day Global Seller Summit on September 27 in Delhi.

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Walmart began welcoming sellers from India to the US marketplace earlier this year. The response has been enthusiastic, and US buyers can now get products from major Indian companies with fast shipping across the US at the click of a button

Many of these companies came together in Delhi last week as more than 500 India-based manufacturers, brands and sellers came together to learn more about how they can better serve US buyers at They also heard the exciting news that Walmart is now welcoming Indian companies to apply for the Walmart Canada Marketplace.

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The Walmart team continues to bring great new companies from India to our ecosystem. Emerging Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands work with our dedicated India-based team to quickly onboard and make the most of Marketplace tools and services to succeed with US customers.

anger coffee is a “plant-powered” innovator who has developed a range of products soluble coffees.

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“As a digitally native brand, we take an omnichannel approach to reach consumers across online and offline formats. Our journey – from sourcing and production to distribution, retail and delivery – puts the customer experience at the center and we are proud to scale to global markets with a unique product offering and a strong quality-driven mindset,” CEO and Founder of Rage Coffee said Bharat Seth. “Our partnership with the Walmart US Marketplace has helped us reach more consumers in this market and become part of their daily coffee routine. We are excited about the opportunities to continue to grow and build a globally recognized brand.”

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Mensa brands invests in thriving digital-first brands in the fashion, home and beauty, and personal care segments to help them grow in India and internationally.

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Pawan K Dasaraju, Founding Member of Mensa Brands, said, “At Mensa Brands, we understand the opportunity that global e-commerce presents to domestic brands looking to grow and meet customer expectations in high potential markets like the US and Canada fulfill. With resources like Walmart Connect, brands on Walmart’s US marketplace can gain insight into customer expectations, tailor assortment accordingly, and work to ensure quality standards are consistently met and improved. This helps brands build trust.”

These new brands are in good company – in fact, Walmart has been helping major Indian companies sell their products worldwide for more than 20 years. One of those native champions catfishpun, has grown from a Walmart supplier to a global leader in home furnishings over the past two decades. It is now expanding its D2C business and developing new products and approaches to accelerate its growth as a marketplace seller. It uses Walmart Fulfillment Services to offer fast and reliable shipping in the US and Walmart Connect to capture customers’ attention.

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Dipali Goenka, CEO and Joint Managing Director of Welspun India said, “Welspun is a customer-centric company and we are proud of the strong partnership we have maintained with Walmart over the past two decades. This year we entered Walmart’s US marketplace with our highly regarded products Welcome Products designed specifically for American buyers. As a brand with digitization at its core, we are rapidly expanding our e-selling capabilities to meet and exceed Walmart’s standards of excellence and continue to explore new opportunities.”

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Walmart’s strategy is to build long-term relationships with great sellers from the US and other key markets like India. We continue to support sellers of all sizes to help them innovate and offer their customers the best value on by focusing on value, assortment and quality.

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