‘Unreliable’ MBTA system impacting Boston businesses, poll finds

Efforts to get the MBTA back on track are negatively impacting Greater Boston businesses and their employees, a new survey found.

Fifty-four percent of the 100 professionals surveyed in the Boston area said public transit is not reliable, and 57 percent said it had become more unreliable in the past six months.

A third of business leaders said the issue affected their ability to attract and retain talent, 31% said it affected their company’s ability to succeed, and 27% had to change their telecommuting policies to allow employees to work from home more. often, the survey found.

“The results of this survey illustrate the significant frustration among Boston-area professionals about the lack of reliability in local public transportation,” said Matt George, partner and director of research at Seven Letter, a communications firm that conducted the survey in partnership with the Boston Business Journal.

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