UAE startup founders should not pursue change for the sake of it

Staying on top of changing market trends and creating innovative products and services is critical to business growth and development, which requires new business offerings to be fully developed and implemented to meet customer demands and add value to the market.

Change management is a systematic approach to dealing with the transfer or change of an organization’s goals, processes or technologies that enables companies to strategize and help predict the future. It also allows them to identify potential threats and opportunities, optimize and leverage their strengths, and address their shortcomings to develop initiatives based on their capabilities, resources, and target market.

Since startups help balance the economy, they must also do their best to anticipate the future and anticipate changes to effectively manage businesses, make confident business decisions, act on them effectively, and achieve the best possible results.

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Innovation is closely related to entrepreneurship. It is also a key trait that some entrepreneurs possess, which is why we often read about innovative ideas of entrepreneurs being acquired by larger international companies.

Any innovative initiative that makes headlines often starts as a creative idea that takes time and effort to turn into a successful project. That being said, the problem most startups face is not the lack of an innovative idea, but the ability and resources to implement it. Having an innovative idea is often the easiest step for most entrepreneurs, the real right of passage is executing that idea and turning it into a successful reality.

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Some practices and attitudes that should be avoided so that entrepreneurs can disrupt the market are often among the main challenges of entrepreneurs. Experts note that a successful leader must allow the team to come up with new ideas. A good leader must constantly evolve himself and his business by adopting new and effective strategies that help identify and eliminate undesirable practices.

Leaders should also seek feedback from their team by examining potential pros and cons of existing procedures, thus fostering trust and understanding in the decisions they make going forward.

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We have great faith in the ability of young people and entrepreneurs to make a difference at a time when social and economic transformations as well as consumer culture are on the rise. However, with the prospect of “change”, we advise entrepreneurs to be cautious about falling into the trap of sudden change, as it can sometimes render past processes not only obsolete, but a burden on the development process.

Healthy growth is often imperceptible and gradual, and is based on comprehensive and continuous developmental processes that continually improve according to established and studied milestones.


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