UAE jobs: How tech skills can get you an annual salary of up to Dh750,000 – News

An expert explains what programmers and developers do and why their skills are some of the most in-demand today

Released: Wed 09/21/2022, 4:24 p.m

Last updated: Wed 09/21/2022, 4:46 p.m

An immersive bootcamp in Dubai put the spotlight on some of the most in-demand professionals in today’s tech industry: programmers and game developers.

Considering how the technology industry has grown exponentially over the years, a lucrative career awaits those who master programming skills.

At a three-day coding boot camp as part of the ongoing job fair Ru’ya Careers in Dubai, an expert highlighted the current salaries of developers.

“A Chief Technology Officer can earn up to Dh750,000 annually, while a Vice President draws a salary of Dh500,000. A director/manager can earn Dh320,000, a senior developer can earn Dh240,000, and entry-level developers can make Dh100,000,” said Amer Chaar, data product manager at AstroLabs.

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Encouraging Emirati youth to keep improving their digital skills and consider starting businesses in this sector, Amer stressed that programmers and developers are in demand as almost every aspect of life nowadays is related to technology.

“Everything you use, like phones and laptops, comes down to coding. Developers designed these things. Imagine life a few years ago without Zoom or Instagram. Whatever you see today is due to coding,” Amer said.

“Hospitals are now doing robotic surgeries. Children attended an online school during Covid and a lot of work was done because of this technology.”

This shows how important it is to have programmers in the community and how important their role is in the development of the country’s economy.

The number of developers is growing every day, Amer added.

“The global software development market size was estimated at USD 429.59 billion in 2021. If you compare this to any other industry, this is exponential growth.”

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The job fair’s “Top Coder” program — in partnership with AstroLabs Digital Academy — is a three-day immersive coding bootcamp.

During the camp, participants were challenged to create a game with a personal touch.

Amer explained what developers do: “People think developers are web developers or mobile developers. So we have software developers developing, for example, the Zoom software on our laptops, or Microsoft Excel, or Adobe, or Photoshop, or anything else.

“They are made by software developers, not app developers. So app development is different…it has a front end and a back end.”

The front end, he said, is about “the artistic side of coding” and how things should look, including colors and fonts.

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“The backend is functionalities, for example when you see CLICK, REGISTER. Then there’s something called ‘cluster’, that’s someone who does both – frontend and backend, which is very common here because it’s very cost efficient. So now we increasingly have people who can do both,” Amer said.

“Hardcore developers care about what’s behind it. But there are people who like both.”

In particular, the demand for game developers has increased.

Vacancies have risen by over five percent and demand is reportedly growing by more than two percent each year.

“I think we take game developers for granted. But that is not the case. The gaming environment is a little different. Because there you have to focus on specifications that are not easy at all, but tricky and also in high demand,” said Amer.


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