Türkiye set for Istanbul summit to review post-Covid economy

The Sept. 29 summit to discuss changing economic paradigms in the post-pandemic era and in emerging economies will welcome world-renowned economists, Turkey’s Ministry of Finance and Treasury says.

Türkiye has maintained its balanced growth and its exports surpassed $250 billion annually in September, President Erdogan says.

Türkiye has maintained its balanced growth and its exports surpassed $250 billion annually in September, President Erdogan says. (AA archive)

Türkiye is preparing to host an economic summit in the city of Istanbul that will bring together experts to discuss the transformation of the global economic order in the wake of the Covid pandemic.

The economic transformation summit will be held on Sept. 29 and will be the first of its kind, Turkey’s Ministry of Finance and Treasury said in a statement on Thursday.

Attendees will discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the global economy and how emerging economies have influenced and changed their paradigms in the post-pandemic era, the ministry noted.

Prominent finance and business professionals, export and employment industry representatives, in particular non-governmental organizations, academics, writers and market delegates from around the world will gather at this event.

Leading academics discuss economic developments, politics, global equilibria, investment, production, employment, exports and growth.

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What experts discuss

Four panel discussions will be held, including: “New Trends in Economic Policy in the Post-Pandemic Era”, “Importance of the Investment-Production-Export Model for Developing Countries”, “Growing Importance of Infrastructure Investments in the New Era” and “Growing Importance a financial architecture that supports growth in the new era.”

The “Turkiye Economic Model” will be presented to the world, the ministry added.

At the end of the Summit, online participation in How to Achieve Inclusive Growth in the New Era will be available.

Speaking on the sidelines of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, Türkiye’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the pandemic and the Russian offensive in Ukraine had disrupted supply chains mainly in the food and energy sectors and many countries were struggling with high inflation rates.

Türkiye has managed to overcome these challenges in terms of growth, exports and jobs, Erdogan said, adding that Türkiye’s economy has grown by 11 percent over the past year, which he says is the highest rate among the G20 -states.

Despite the pandemic, Türkiye maintained its balanced growth and its exports topped US$250 billion annually in September, he said.

During the summit, Türkiye’s domestic and foreign policy dynamics, geostrategic conditions, the coronavirus outbreak and opportunities arising from the new global economic order will be addressed.

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