Today in the Connected Economy: PayPal, Visa, Tackle Impact Investing

In today’s connected economy, PayPal, the Visa Foundation, the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), and the Telus Pollinator Fund for Good team have collaborated on an impact investing initiative.

Also, embedded banking company ClearBank is integrating with one-stop payment platform Fond, and PYMNTS is looking at the growing demand for connected vehicles through the lens of chip designer Qualcomm.

PayPal partners with GIIN, Telus, Visa on Impact Investing Project

PayPal has joined the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), the Telus Pollinator Fund for Good and the Visa Foundation for a program that combines corporate money and expertise with impact investing practices.

By connecting business leaders with tools and resources, the Corporate Impact Investing initiative aims to help companies meet environmental and social commitments and has invited other companies to participate.

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“Using corporate treasury for impact investing is a strategic way for companies to align shareholder and community interests,” said Gabrielle Rabinovitch, acting Chief Financial Officer and SVP of PayPal, Capital Markets, Investor Relations and Treasurer.

Fondy integrates with ClearBank to enable faster payments for e-commerce merchants

Embedded banking and real-time clearing company ClearBank integrates with one-stop payments platform Fondy to offer e-commerce marketplaces a seamless solution to manage their cash flow.

The integration between the two UK companies offers merchants a payment solution that offers payment acceptance, access to virtual IBAN accounts, third-party payouts and the GBP payment network, including faster payments, CHAPS and Bacs.

“Together with ClearBank, we are stronger and in a better position to bring about real, positive change in the way businesses process payments,” said Valeria Vahorovska, Founder and CEO of Fondy. “This partnership will allow us to take further steps towards integrating a multi-currency solution for our merchants.”

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Demand for chips and partnerships increases as cars become the ultimate mobile payment device

The connected economy has hit the streets, transforming vehicles into endpoints for mobile commerce.

The focus is on the technology to support this transformation – along with partnerships between FIs, providers and OEMs to disrupt everything from parking to refueling.

Among the companies at play here is US chip designer Qualcomm, which says its automotive “pipeline” has grown to $30 billion, more than $10 billion more than since the release of the Third quarter results at the end of July.


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