This book fair has something in store for everyone

With 200 stalls and books on a wide range of subjects, the Madurai Book Fair at the convention center on Tamukkam attracts people of all ages. From children to wheelchair users, people crowd the fair every day.

“Disabled people with disabilities and those using wheelchairs have a ramp for easy access to the convention center and volunteers are on hand to assist them,” says A. Rajkumar, Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) Disaster Management and First Aid Instructor. , Madurai, who helps such people. He also conducts short first-aid training courses such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for trade fair visitors.

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Reading enthusiasts can indulge in the sea of ​​books at the fair – comics, novels, science books, religion, astrology – the topics are so diverse that there is something for every reader’s taste.

What’s in stock

Collectibles will be brought in Tamil and English The Hindu Group, such as “The Second 100: A Selection of Editorials — 1978-2016,” a selected compilation of 100 editorials. There is also the “Book of Editorials 2021”.

If you want to learn about Tamil Nadu’s political ideologies, you can find “Maaperum Thamizh Kanavu” on Perarignar Anna and “Therkilirundhu Oru Sooriyan” on MK Karunanidhi, “Pathi Neethiyim Neethi Paathiyum” by K. Chandru, “UPSC Thervai Vendravargal” by R. Shabimunna, “The Miracle of the Harappan Civilization” and “Master of the 64 Squares”.

Now people look at book reviews on YouTube and search for them. Books by lesser-known authors and first-time authors are becoming increasingly popular thanks to social media. I am pleased to have them in stock for these eager readers,” says R. Raj Anand, a fourth-generation bookseller from Madurai. It’s fair to say that the habit of reading among youngsters has returned, he says.

“Books by lesser-known and first-time authors are becoming increasingly popular thanks to social media”A bookseller

“I’ve been wanting to read Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan for a long time and just picked up one at a good discount. I want to read it before watching the film,” says Jenima Francis, an English literature student from Sivakasi. Over 100 stalls offer this iconic novel. Preetha Rajah Kannan, the author of The Tiger Throne: Kalkis Ponniyin Selvan Retold, signed her books at the fair.

It was a mixed crowd. College students came in groups, women leafed through vividly illustrated children’s books while their little ones pored over books they had already bought.