These States Have the Highest Job Quit Rates

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Great Resignation is still in full swing, with about two vacancies for every jobseeker, and workers continued to quit their jobs at an increased rate in July, the Washington Post reports, plus other forms of termination, such as as Push “quiet dropouts” onto the labor market. Millions of Americans resign from their jobs every month, and workers have a lot of leverage when changing jobs in the face of labor shortages.

Of course, the churn rate is not the same across the country. WalletHub looked at the data to rank the 50 states and the District of Columbia based on how frequently people left their jobs.

The five states with the highest termination rates are:

rank Federal State Cancellation Rate (Last Month) Cancellation Rate (Last 12 Months)
1 Georgia 4.80% 3.98%
2 Kentucky 4.40% 3.80%
3 Tennessee 4.30% 3.40%
4 Arizona 4.10% 3.51%
5 Wyoming 4.00% 3.64%

Here is the full list of states and their exit rates.

WalletHub turned to professionals in the world of work to shed light on why people are quitting their jobs.

When asked whether the shrinking workforce will be a long-term problem or whether we will see prime-age workers re-entering the workforce in 2022, Barry Bluestone, a professor at Northeastern University, said: “The emphasis is on college Graduated as a route to employment rather than the professional/technical training required to fill skilled positions from carpenter, electrician and plumber to truck driver. We need to improve vocational training opportunities for both students and adults who want to learn a new profession.”

Answering the same question, Jennifer Hunt, economics professor at the School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers: “Unfortunately, I think in a couple of months it’s going to be irrelevant because we’re certainly entering a recession. The reduced labor supply will not be reflected in the impending large contraction in labor demand. So in about a year and a half we will see what the labor supply looks like in the next upswing.”

WalletHub asked Colin Corbett, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Economics, Bradley University, “What, if any, economic impact will this labor market trend have?” Reducing aggregate demand leads to inflation. It has the potential to shift bargaining power from capital to labour, but in an overheated economy this effect is partially offset.”

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