These money and investing tips can help you solve the market’s mysteries

Don’t forget these key investment features and benefits:

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Matt Damon’s ‘Fortune Favors the Brave’ commercial goes viral. Here’s how much you could have lost if you bought your crypto at that time.

The total market cap for all cryptocurrencies was close to $3 trillion in parts of 2021, but is now less than $1 trillion. Read more

A $3 trillion prison: Big Tech’s scary year just keeps getting worse

Big tech companies took a heavy hit this week, losing more than $255 billion in market capitalization, helping to worsen a bad year for the once-beloved sector. Read more

Will the stock market go higher in 12 months? Here are the odds.

Calculating market odds from 150 years of US history. Read more

‘From Bambi to Godzilla’. Strategist David Rosenberg is weighing on the Federal Reserve as he sees a 30% hit to home prices and the S&P 500 returning to an early 2020 low.

But don’t despair. ‘Permabear’ Rosenberg sees a new market for stocks, bonds and other risky assets in 2024 when, he says, it becomes a ‘permabull’. Read more

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Even in a bear market, stay on course with revolutionary company stocks

Cody Willard shares his long-term investment philosophy of finding secular disruptors. Read more

Bad news for bulls: Stocks are still trading above their long-term trend despite this year’s deep decline

However, the prospects look much more attractive compared to the start of 2022. Read more

Emerging market ETFs ‘burn investors’ as China underperforms

This week’s ETF Wrap looks at how Chinese stocks are hurting emerging markets funds — and options to consider that exclude China. Read more

Municipal mortgage products are hot right now – here’s how to figure out if they’re right for you

If you’re looking for income, these investments have rarely been a better deal in recent years. Read more

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There is a rush to buy I-bonds to get a higher yield, but an even better deal may be coming.

Your last opportunity to buy at 9.62% has passed. But there are other important issues to consider. Read more

Take advantage of this sweet spot in the bond market now to strengthen your portfolio

Bond prices may have been crushed. But playing it right can give you an edge against rising interest rates. Read more

While the stock market celebrates, the bond market crashes the party – because the Fed will raise interest rates to 7%

It’s a consistent story: Fed funds futures are priced higher amid a strong economy and out-of-control inflation. Read more

This stock may pass for Tesla, just as Chevron stock has passed for Meta Platforms

The higher their value, the harder they can fall. It’s worth remembering when investing in stocks. Read more

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This one stock stands out when looking at key data from the FAANG+ group

In a very different scenario from the end of 2021, one seems to offer a good combination of low value and high growth. Read more

Market bulls have a new story to sell you. Don’t believe them – they are only in the ‘commercial’ phase of grief

The stock market is not likely to go up just because it is down. Read more

Phillies make the World Series – is the future a stock market crash? Why do some see the success of this baseball team as a bad sign?

History suggests that Philadelphia baseball teams tend to win the World Series during economic downturns – but here’s what the facts say Read More


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