These Are The 4 Deadliest Jobs In Minnesota

I was quite surprised not to find some of the professions in the top 4 most dangerous jobs. Professions such as police, first responders, high-rise window cleaners, etc.

I have occasionally watched the tower behind our station being painted. There is no way I could trade or function at that height. A tower guy once told me that once you’re at the deadly height, every meter after that poses no additional danger. That really wouldn’t console me.

Medical staff such as doctors and nurses were also not on the list. Emergency rooms can be especially dangerous for violent patients. Health care accidents at work are five to 12 times higher than the estimated rate for all workers. All of this is to say nothing of contracting disease through exposure. Why medical professionals didn’t make it onto the list is beyond me.

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According to personal injury law firm Sieben & Carey, “the most common cause of work-related death is auto-related.” The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says there were 80 work-related deaths in Minnesota in 2019 – “Transportation accidents resulted in 36 fatal work injuries and falls, slips and trips, which accounted for 15 fatalities.” Contact with objects and equipment was the third leading fatal work event, accounting for 14 fatalities.”

According to personal injury law firm Sieben & Carey, the 4 deadliest jobs in Minnesota are;

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#4 waste services

Garbage collectors strike in Chicago suburbs

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At first glance, it doesn’t appear like this is one of the deadliest in Minnesota, but upon closer inspection, most of the cases have been vehicle-related.

#3 Truck transport

Cars crawl along in traffic jams

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I can totally understand that given the wide range of traffic and weather conditions that truck drivers have to contend with. Not to mention the hours and hours behind the wheel.

#2 construction

Acton Bridge Extension

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I can’t count the dangers of this job. “11% of all deaths in the state occurred in civil engineering, non-residential construction, and road and bridge construction.”

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And comes in 1st place Agriculture

The wheat harvest begins in the midst of a hot summer

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Far more dangerous than most of us realize. According to, “Farm related deaths account for nearly a quarter of all work-related deaths in the state.”

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