These 8 Retailers Offer Free Shipping When You Spend $35 or More

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If you order from the right online retailer, your order may qualify for free shipping.

Important point

  • Many of us shop online because it’s easy, and free shipping can make it even better.
  • While not all retailers offer free shipping, many companies will give you free shipping if you meet a minimum order.
  • Target, GameStop, Ulta, and Petco are some online retailers that offer free shipping on purchases of $35 or more.

It can feel like a win when you make an online purchase that qualifies for free shipping. Many online retailers become Amazon Prime members to take advantage of free shipping on their orders. But did you know that many retailers offer free shipping if you spend a lot of money? While Amazon is convenient, you may qualify for free shipping when you shop at one of your favorite online retailers. Find out which retailers offer free shipping when you spend over $35.

These 8 retailers offer free shipping on orders of $35 or more

  1. Target: Target promises free shipping to customers who spend at least $35 when shopping at
  2. Walmart: Shipping is free when you spend at least $35 on eligible items at Walmart+ members can get free shipping with no minimum order. It costs $12.95 per month or $98 per year to become a Walmart+ member.
  3. GameStop: Do you buy stuff for your favorite player? GameStop is another retailer that promises free shipping. You will not pay shipping fees when you spend at least $35.
  4. Ulta: If you love stocking up on beauty supplies at Ulta, you’ll love how easy it is to qualify for free shipping. If you spend at least $35, you’ll get free standard shipping.
  5. Wayfair: Wayfair offers free shipping on qualifying orders. Your order will ship for free when you spend at least $35 on eligible items. Some items may not qualify for free shipping, but Wayfair marks products that are eligible for free shipping on orders of $35 or more.
  6. Best price: If you’ve been planning to order from Best Buy, you’ll be happy to know that the electronics store also offers free shipping on qualifying orders. You’ll qualify for free shipping when you spend at least $35 on qualifying items.
  7. Petco: Petco also offers free shipping on eligible orders of $35 or more. If you want to spoil your furry friend, it’s easy to hit the bottom command.
  8. Etsy: Participating stores can offer free shipping to US customers who spend at least $35. You must spend at least $35 at one store, and not all stores participate.
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Customize your order to avoid shipping fees

Do you need free shipping but can’t easily fulfill your order? It may be beneficial to combine your orders to make it easier to meet minimum orders. If you’re struggling to spend at least $35 to qualify for free shipping and you don’t need to rush your item, wait to make a larger order later.

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Also, before checking out, don’t forget to use a coupon app to see if you can get a discount on your order. Many retailers accept online promo codes.

Don’t spend a lot of money to get free shipping

Free shipping can help you save more money in your checking account. But make sure you think about the decision to shop online before you check. You’ll want to consider your financial situation and look at your budget first. If you don’t, you risk overspending or falling into expensive credit card debt.

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You don’t get a good deal if you add items you don’t need to your cart to meet the minimum order for free shipping. But if you need what you’re buying and you happen to qualify for free shipping, you can count it as a win for your wallet. For more ways to save money, check out these personal finance resources.

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