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I have used this column to write in the past about how difficult it is to do business in Illinois. Along with sky-high property taxes, there are mountains of bureaucracy that impede business growth or relocations, and unfriendly worker compensation laws that make it nearly impossible for companies to move forward.

I tip my hat to any entrepreneur who owns and operates a business in the Land of Lincoln. Your state government is certainly not making it easy for you.

But we are fortunate to have a few groups in Illinois focused on helping the business community grow and thrive. Organizations like the Illinois Manufacturing Association, the National Federation of Independent Businesses for Illinois, and the Technology & Manufacturing Association are prominent partners in the community that go out of their way to help companies faced with a seemingly endless number of government mandates affecting their jeopardize business results.

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These advocacy groups have talented teams of experts fighting Springfield’s onerous regulatory system. They comply with laws, support or oppose measures based on whether they help or hurt the business sector, and keep their thousands of members informed of proposed legislation that could affect their operations. Knowing the tricks and tactics used to break unpopular laws, these government affairs professionals are always on the lookout for the next anti-business law.

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These groups work behind the scenes and rarely get the credit they deserve. As the Legislature prepares for the 2022 veto session and an upcoming Lame Duck session in January 2023, I take comfort in knowing that organizations like the IMA, NFIB, and TMA are out there looking out for the best interests of Illinois corporations.

With that in mind, you don’t have to be a lobbyist or an expert on government affairs to do your part to help companies succeed.

With the holiday season just around the corner, we can all do our part to help businesses here in Naperville. Whether you’re planning to shop early or prefer the last-minute rush, Naperville’s shops need to remember to shop locally now more than ever.

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Most of Naperville’s businesses, including retail stores and our fabulous restaurants, are still struggling to recover from the effects of the 2020 forced closure. People resorted to online shopping and many have never returned. Downtown shopping district struggles to see foot traffic as it used to be. Our local and unique businesses need our help to return them to pre-pandemic levels of success.


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