The Lobb Law Firm Discusses Necessary Considerations When Choosing a Southfield, MI Accident Attorney

SOUTHFIELD, MI / ACCESSWIRE / October 18, 2022 / Each year, more than 3 million nonfatal injuries and more than 150,000 deaths in the United States are attributed to personal injury. From accidents at work to car accidents to defective products, millions of people’s lives are interrupted by unexpected injuries. For many, these injuries cause significant financial and emotional distress.
Personal injury attorneys stand as staunch advocates and allies in the fight to ensure the rights of every victim are protected and that they receive the compensation they deserve. However, with more than 60,000 practicing personal injury attorneys across America and thousands in Michigan alone, selecting the right law firm to represent can be a daunting challenge for those trying to heal and move on with their lives.

This quarter, Lobb Law Firm discusses important considerations for victims seeking a personal injury attorney and how these considerations can help make these victims’ cases a success.

Taken by surprise: the next steps after an injury

Accidents are part of life, and while many Michigan residents get away with a few bumps or bruises, thousands of others are far less fortunate. Worse, the vast majority of these violations could have been prevented had it not been for the negligence of another party.

The aftermath of an accident and grappling with the reality of a serious injury can be daunting on several fronts, but one of the most important steps an injury victim can take is to enlist the legal counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney.

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According to Lobb Law Firm, time is a critical element in the consolidation of a personal injury case. But it’s not just about hiring a lawyer, it’s also about choosing the right personal injury attorney or law firm for the case.

Considerations When Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

Experience where it matters most

There is no substitute for experience, especially in personal injury law. With each case, an attorney sharpens their skills, develops new relationships that can be used in future cases, and gains an insider’s understanding of how local court systems work and how local judges act. All this (and more) can be

Aggressive litigation

Some law firms or personal injury attorneys would rather put up with the headaches and costs of litigation than deal with them. Not Lobb law firm. Her team stands ready to fight for her clients and will explore every avenue to help them achieve maximum judgment in their favor. The Firm will aggressively pursue negligent parties both in and out of court.

Insurance companies are inherently afraid of experienced litigators, who often prefer a settlement to litigation, usually resulting in favorable terms for the injured party.

A documented track record of successful settlements and judgments

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For victims of injuries, claiming compensation from a negligent party is often their last resort and last hope of gaining the financial freedom needed to get back on their feet and regain quality of life.

Injuries often result in extensive medical bills, lost work time, inability to work, rehabilitation, therapy, and more. The right corporate law firm can help victims regain control of their lives and get them the compensation they deserve.

Financial resources and a strong network

Law is not just about “what you know” but also about “who you know”. The law is a complex, hierarchical and politically charged area in which connections play a role. But people aren’t the only resources needed to build a successful claim. The ideal law firm has both the human and financial capital needed to fund a client’s case. From accident reconstruction specialists to medical experts and forensic scientists, building a strong case is often a financially intensive endeavor.

Fees and related case-related expenses

Personal injury victims often struggle with accumulating debt from time off, medical expenses, and rehabilitation (among other costs). This often leads individuals to believe they cannot afford a lawyer to claim compensation. The Lobb Law Firm operates on a contingency basis, which means clients pay nothing until they receive a verdict or settlement in their favour. This gives customers the opportunity to assert their claims without the risk of owing money they don’t have. Instead, The Lobb Law Firm pays a percentage of the awarded judgment or settlement (if won) and covers all costs associated with the claim, including filing fees, document fees, expert witnesses, and more.

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reputation counts

Personal injury law is a highly competitive industry where only the strong survive. Firms with strong industry reputations signal negligent third parties and insurance companies that they are up for a fight. This perception can give bargaining power and lead to a positive outcome both in and out of court.

About the law firm Lobb

The Lobb Law Firm was founded in 1976 by Joseph R. Lobb and is headquartered in Southfield, Michigan.

Practice areas include:

  • personal injury

  • Michigan no-fault law

  • social insurance

  • probate

  • workers compensation

As a family-run company, its mission serves one purpose, to protect the rights of those it serves. To bring back the “personal” in personal injury cases, each client is treated like a family member. The Firm provides vigorous representation and a relentless pursuit of justice and redress, as well as compassionate service and support for clients in need.

Those interested in learning more about the company or to schedule a free consultation are encouraged to contact the official website or call 248-591-4090.

Telephone number: 248-591-4090
Email: [email protected]
Contact name: Cherie Lobb

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