The best gifts for book lovers

Buying a gift for a book lover is refreshingly easy. Even ruling out the possibility of buying them a book, there are endless gifts and accessories out there.

From reading supplies to literary keepsakes to reader-friendly homeware, the potential gifts out there can vary wildly in style and price.

We’ve found our favorite gifts for book lovers, read on for our top picks.

The best gifts for book lovers in 2022

Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis

The Oasis is the newest and most advanced model in the Kindle line. It’s packed with lots of useful features for readers, like a warm, eye-friendly light and e-ink technology to mimic the look of a real book.

The Kindle Oasis is also waterproof with an IPX8 rating, which should allow the device to survive being submerged to a depth of more than 1 meter. It’s also audio compatible, so you can stream any audiobook directly to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones via Audible.

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Personalized book subscription

Personalized book subscription

There aren’t many gifts that suit a bookworm better than a subscription to books delivered gift-wrapped right to their door. The book sent out monthly is handpicked by the literary experts at The Beautiful Book Company.

You can send a personalized gift message, a welcome pack and set the duration of the subscription. There is also an opportunity to exchange received books if they have already read them!

Book Club Kit

Book Club Kit

For people who want to start their own book club or maybe are already in one and want to expand it, this kit can provide more ways to enjoy a book loving evening. The set includes conversation prompt cards, an hourglass timer, two dice, a book card and literary cocktail recipes.

More like that

Classic paperback 1000 piece puzzle

Classic paperback puzzle

This colorful and varied puzzle will be loved by every literature lover. The 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle presents some of the most classic and well-loved books in the literary canon and showcases them with their iconic covers.

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Richard Baker, the artist, paints the paperback editions in a rich, vibrant style while remaining true to the details of the cover. The books included span a wide range of genres from poetry to memoir to non-fiction to appeal to the diverse tastes of book readers.

Solid Oak Personalized Bookend Stem Vase

Solid oak bookend vase

A bookend with a personalized message and a vase of flowers makes a thoughtful gift for anyone with a decent book collection. The bookend can be personalized with your own message which you can have on either side depending on placement. You can also personalize it even further by adding a hidden message to the inside.

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Circlets Bookmark

Circlets Bookmark

The right bookmark can be a valuable gift that someone will treasure for years. Featuring an etched design, this round paper bookmark is made from lightweight brass and attaches directly to the page. There are three designs available.

Twist Vintage multicolored bookshelf

Colorful vintage bookshelf

The multicolored tones of this bookshelf make it a perfect addition to any colorful space. And for those who want to personalize it further, the color bases of the shelves can be swapped out.

Books and belongings can be coordinated to match the bookcase’s tones, while the slanted metal legs add a retro aesthetic.

Waterstones Gift Card (Green Book)

Waterstones Gift Card

A Waterstones gift card might be one of the surest gifts for book lovers. Waterstones has one of the largest collections of books available, as well as a wide range of accessories, stationery, bags, toys and other gifts.

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