Telangana is 7th largest contributor to economy

HYDERABAD: The latest report from the Reserve Bank of India ranks Telangana state seventh among the top contributors to the national economy. The Handbook of Statistics on the Indian Economy 2021-22 report was released on September 15. The report, released Sept. 15, is missing data from two states. Both states not mentioned, Maharashtra and West Bengal, finished ahead of Telangana last year. If they stay ahead, TS can still slip to ninth place. That would be an improvement of one rank.

The RBI manual was updated last year (2020-21) and recently published. The updated data puts TS in tenth place. The incomplete data handbook had placed TS fourth, with data from 12 states missing.

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The updated handbook, also released Sept. 15, ranks Telangana down six spots, to 10th, with the addition of data from the remaining 12 states. The TRS has claimed that it is the fourth largest contributor to the economy using last year’s incomplete RBI report. Even two days after the RBI published its updated manual on September 15, Industry Minister KT Rama Rao reiterated that Telangana was the fourth largest economic contributor.

Telangana, he claimed, has only 2 percent of the country’s population but contributes the fifth-largest share of GDP. Telangana’s per capita income, which was Rs 1,24,000 in 2014, has increased by 130 percent in seven years to Rs 2,78,000, according to the government. In the same year, the state gross domestic product increased to Rs.11.54 lakh crore from Rs.5.6 lakh crore in 2014.

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Last year, the Government Net Value Added (NSVA) of TS was estimated at Rs. 8,10,503 crore, behind Maharashtra (Rs. 23,93,953 cr), Tamil Nadu (Rs. 15,44,935 cr), Karnataka (Rs. 13, 40,350 cr ) and West Bengal (Rs. 04/11/866 crore).

When it was revised, Maharashtra topped the list with Rs. 23,93,953 crore, followed by Tamil Nadu with Rs. 16,17,931 crore, Karnataka Rs. 15,75,000 crore, Gujarat Rs. 14,59,229 crore, Uttar Pradesh Rs. 14,25,330 crore, West Bengal Rs. 11,86,857 crore, Andhra Pradesh Rs. 9,17,920 crore, Rajasthan Rs. 9,14,262 crore, Madhya Pradesh Rs. 8,81,530 crore and Telangana with Rs. 8,68,926 crore as contribution to the national economy.

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According to the latest RBI manual, the state’s NSVA climbed to Rs. 10,41,617 crore, which put TS in seventh place behind Karnataka (Rs. 18,70,429 cr), Tamil Nadu (Rs. 18,45,519 crore) and Uttar Pradesh (Rs. 16,14,798 crore), AP (Rs. 10,85,625 cr) Rajasthan (Rs. 10,78,903 crore) and Madhya Pradesh (Rs. 10,61,297 crore). In particular, Gujarat seems to have dropped out of this list.

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