Team Cleaningly completes the recent Wharton executive education session on Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program

Team Cleaningly concludes the recent Wharton Executive Education Session on the Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program

Cleaningly Home Services is a reputable company in Victoria that offers hassle-free cleaning services. The company is making waves in the cleaning industry with its use of technology. Cleaningly has just completed a training course offered by Wharton. This program sheds light on scaling businesses and beating the competition in 2022.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia – Cleaningly Home Services is proud to participate in the training provided by Wharton. This training allows Cleaningly to remain at the forefront of the cleaning sector. Wharton is an institute that has been dedicated to incubating ideas since its inception. The institute provides global business leaders with practical knowledge on how to keep up with the rapidly changing world. It teaches and empowers decision-makers to tackle the world’s complex problems that are critical to improving business operations and economic growth worldwide.

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Wharton is changing the way business is done. Faculty, students and alumni generate big ideas, back them up with concise analysis and turn them into ingenious solutions that work. They educate, inform and inspire the leaders who face the world’s complex challenges, advance business practice and drive economic growth on a global scale.

Speaking about this training session, one of Wharton’s representatives said: “Congratulations to the founders and the rest of the Cleaningly team on completing the recent Wharton Executive Education-Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program: Scaling Your Business and being a finalist in the 2022 Business Plan Contest.” The completion of this program will enable Cleaningly Home Services to better prepare for the unpredictable events of the future.

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Considering people’s daily cleaning needs, Cleaningly Home Services has the vision to serve people with quality cleaning services. The company has come a long way with world-class services in recent years. Cleaningly Home Services offers cleaning services for all homes and businesses. The company’s services include “cleaning after departure”, “deep cleaning”, “general house cleaning” and more.

The company also offers a money-back guarantee and free cleaning services if customers are unhappy. Cleaningly Home Services also helps to make the environment sustainable by using eco-friendly products.

All of the company’s services are cost-effective and can also be customized according to the needs of clients. Cleaningly Home Services uses technology that allows customers to track the cleaning process. The company is expanding its services after participating in Wharton’s Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program. The company’s team also learned the strategies essential to scaling the business.

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About Cleanly Home Services:

Cleaningly Home Services Pty Ltd is one of the fastest growing professional cleaning services companies in Victoria. In addition to cleaning, the company can also take care of the garden, remove the garbage and wash the print. Cleaningly Home Services cleaned over 300 rooms in 2019. The company is low cost, uses eco-friendly products and offers a 60 second booking process.

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