Susie Carder, The Profit Coach, Helps Female Entrepreneurs Build Their 7-Figure Dream Business

dr Saundra Stancil just received her PhD in Entrepreneurship & Business Administration. It’s been on her bucket list since she was a girl. Now in her 60s, she has fulfilled a lifelong dream! dr Saundra is committed to helping women overcome narcissistic abusive relationships. dr Saundra runs seven successful companies, from event planner to business strategist, she is a doer in her industries. She was a shining star in Susie Carder’s Global Leadership Program. A year-long business development course that teaches entrepreneurs how to build 7-figure businesses.

Some of the unique aspects of the Global Leadership Program are that participants not only get the answers… They get all the support they need to take action to increase sales, master their marketing plan, and understand their profitability and productivity.

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The course was created by Carder who created what she needed, a course where you focus on sales, marketing, operations and finance. “I wanted to give the students the tools and structure they need to build a profitable business.” There are several masterminds and Q&A calls over the months with Profit Coach, Susie Carder and faculty members; Participants have instant breakthroughs around their obstacles instead of spending years fixing them on their own. Participants will get their financial life in order (including your mindset and beliefs about money) while setting and smashing sales goals, setting up systems, and creating and marketing a range of profitable, life-changing products and offerings that they are proud of to their people absolutely love it.

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Susie says, “Our Global Leadership is a comprehensive business course that will help you scale your business to 7 numbers and beyond! I’m so excited that Dr. Saundra puts her words into action! In our Global Leadership Program, Dr. Saundra increased their fees and social media by 250%, leveraged affiliate partners and put the financial strategy in place to grow an overall 7 figure business.”

Anyone interested in speaking to a coach on how to create a 7-digit fixture list please get in touch [email protected]

Around Susie Carder

Susie Carder is a world-renowned profitability coach. Their radical business strategies have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve exponential growth and triple their profits – and they are living their dream!

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The greatest thing Susie has learned over the past 30+ years is that business is business! From traditional to holistic physicians, manufacturing, real estate and landscape design companies. She helped these experts monetize their expertise in their fields. And there is a combo to unlock the code that Susie KNOWS and is willing to share with you.

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