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The Lacrosse Box at Cloverdale Athletic Park is getting an all-weather roof.

Mayor Doug McCallum announced the project at the annual meeting of the Cloverdale County Chamber of Commerce on September 20. The mayor gave an opening speech and also sworn in new board members.

“There’s a lot going on in our city, but Cloverdale is right in the middle of it,” the mayor said. “If we put a cover (the lacrosse box) on, four sports can use the box year-round after it’s built.”

He said there is no timeline for when the cover will be built, but said he will be reaching out to the province to try and secure funding for the project. He added that even if the government says no, the city will fund the project itself.

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McCallum also said Cloverdale is the fastest growing part of Surrey. He said Clayton will see massive growth over the next few years. And he said Campbell Heights will continue to expand as a business center.

“Companies are coming from all over the world to settle (in Campbell Heights),” he said. “As most of you know, we’re going to roughly double the size. We are currently working on the sewerage and water in this new area that we will be developing.”

He said once the city starts using the services, it will attract between 40 and 60 new businesses to Campbell Heights.

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“Everything big that happens happens in this area.”

McCallum then revealed that a very large German company had “already decided” to open a shop in Surrey, but could not name the company. He said the company will bring 1,000 jobs to the city.

“It’s a medical company, a manufacturing facility,” he said. “With that, come 12 of the world’s best cancer scientists. They will come here, work from here.”

He said these are types of businesses that Surrey attracts.

He added Cloverdale will reap many benefits as most of the new businesses coming to Surrey open their doors in Campbell Heights and that the business area is “getting a great name across Canada”.

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He also asked members to encourage everyone they knew to build hotels and motels.

“We need it urgently, urgently. We have some big sporting events ahead of us.”

He said Surrey is in competition with 18 cities around the world to win the 2024 World Fastpitch Championships.

“We submitted a good proposal and were awarded the contract,” he said. “It’s going to bring about $10 million to $20 million worth of economic activity here.”

McCallum then swears in the new board members for the Cloverdale Chamber.

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