Surat: MSME entrepreneurs should now also focus on IPR entrepreneurship: Nilesh Trivedi

A full-day MSME and Banking Conclave was organized on Thursday at the Platinum Hall, Sarsana, as a joint initiative of the South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the District Industries Centre. This fiasco was attended by President Bharat Gandhi as the main guest.

The MSME sector develops an industry with less capital 7 in employment opportunities: Himanshu Bodawala

Chamber of Commerce President Himanshu Bodawala said that the MSME sector has developed into a dynamic sector over the past five years. Not only does it provide employment opportunities, but it can further develop the industry with a low cost of capital. MSMEs are also helpful in developing industries in rural and backward areas. MSMEs account for about 30% of India’s GDP and there are more than 65,000 MSMEs operating in the country and more than 4,000 MSMEs in Gujarat. From time to time, new programs for MSMEs are introduced by the central government and the government of Gujarat. Today’s conclave has been organized with the aim of providing information on various MSME incentives and subsidies from central and state governments and special loans from various banks to industrialists, traders and entrepreneurs in South Gujarat including Surat from one platform.

For MSME development, banks should also lend up to Rs 2 crore without collateral: Bharat Gandhi

Fiasvi President Bharat Gandhi said the MSME sector is the engine of economic growth for the country and the biggest job creator after agriculture. The government should protect industry with protective tariffs, but import tariffs should not be imposed on small industries to obtain raw materials. The A-Tough program and the credit-linked capital subsidy program should be relaunched in favor of small industry. For MSME development, banks should also lend up to Rs 2 crore without collateral.

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The MSME entrepreneur responsible for production, marketing, branding and financial management: Nilesh Trivedi

Nilesh Trivedi, Deputy Director, Ministry of MSME, Government of India said that an MSME entrepreneur handles production, marketing, branding and financial management. Therefore, training is required on how to transfer business development proposals. You can use the CGTMSE scheme for this. He gave detailed information about the central government’s support programs for MSME entrepreneurs. He informed about the MSME Innovative Scheme, registration of design components and design IPR in MSMEs and asked the business people that trademarks should be used for the processing, packaging and distribution of products in the company and IPR should also focus on entrepreneurship. Traders are important for MSMEs. Hm. So he appealed to all traders to register under MSME.

Five lakh MSME companies to be registered on the portal, 2.5 million in two years: Vikas Gupta

Vikas Gupta, Joint Director and Head of Office, MSME Development Institute-Ahmedabad (IIDS), Government of India, said small business owners who first took out loans under the PNEGP program and then want to expand their business can get loans . Is. Rs. 1 crore MSMEs benefit through equity under the Atmanirbhar Bharat program (Self-reliant India Campaign). Small business owners can develop their business through credit cards.

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He further said that five lakh MSME companies have been registered on the government’s portal and 2.5 million are expected to be registered in the next two years. Efforts are made that people can buy any item through this portal. He also gave detailed information about trade discount system and cluster related scheme.

MSME Development Institute of Government of India – Ahmedabad Deputy Director PN Solanki provided information on Zero Defect Zero Effect Scheme, MSME Innovative Scheme and Micro-Small Enterprise Cluster Development Program.

Now the whole process is loaded online for MSME entrepreneurs on Investor Facilitation Portal: MK

MK Ladani, Deputy Commissioner and Chief Executive of District Industries Center – Surat Industries, made a presentation on the State Government’s Subsidiary Scheme for MSMEs, Incentive Schemes and Single Window Clearance Act 2017. He said the whole process has now been done online on the investor Suvidha portal. A business can only be started with an approving license under the Gujarat Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Act 2019. He gave detailed information on Gujarat Industrial Policy – ​​2020, Market Development Assistance, Gujarat Government Textile Policy – ​​2019, Gujarat Garment and Garment Policy, Subsidy to Mega Garment Park and Financial Assistance Scheme for Logistics Policy.

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MSME representatives and bank officials gave satisfactory answers to various questions from entrepreneurs

Devang Saraiya from Surat People’s Co-Operative Bank, Rajeev Kumar Pankaj from Punjab National Bank, Ashish Desai from Kotak Mahindra Bank and BK Mishra provided information on special programs and services for MSMEs. At the end of the session, MSME representatives and bank officials gave satisfactory answers to various questions from entrepreneurs. A free registration desk for Udyog Udyog and the GeM portal was also set up during the conference. Where traders and small business owners registered for free on Udyog Udyog and GeM Portal. More than 600 MSME entrepreneurs took part in this conclave.

Chamber Vice-President Ramesh Vaghasiya expressed his gratitude for the survey.

Chamber of Commerce Honor Minister Bhavesh Taylor chaired the conclave, and Group Chair Vijay Mewawala drafted the entire conclave. Janak Pachchigar, adviser to the chamber’s MSME committee, chaired the question-and-answer session at the conclave. The chairman of the chamber group, Dr. Anil Saraogi, Chamber Retail Committee Chair Pramod Bhagat, MSME Committee Chair Chetan Sheth and Co-Chairs Devraj Modi and Dhruv Mordia hosted the event. At the end, the Vice President of the Chamber, Ramesh Vaghasia, closed the conclave by expressing his gratitude for the poll.

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