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THE WORD OF TODAY is gloomy. There is nothing more beautiful and magical than sitting outdoors in the autumn twilight.

FRIDAY WORD was audio book. It means a recording of a book in formats such as cassette, CD or more recently digital. Example: She downloaded three books to her phone last week to prepare for her trip to Nevada.

New books

New books in the Blue Ridge Regional Library as of last week include:

“Despair in Death” by JD Robb

Trapped: An Eve Duncan Novel by Iris Johansen

Robert B. Parker’s Fallout: A Jesse Stone Novel by Mike Lupica

Clive Cussler’s Hellburner: A Novel from the Oregon Files by Mike Maden

People also read…

The Girl from Guernica by Karen Robards

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“Fairy Tales” by Stephen King

audio books

In addition to new traditional books every week, the library also regularly expands its audio book collection. You can go to the library and borrow books from a large collection of CDs. For several years, the library has also had audio books that you can download to your phone or other electronic device.

In its regular app, Libby, the library offers 634 audiobooks as well as 6,000 books to read on your phone, tablet, iPad, or Kindle. and even 65 read-alongs.

It has even more on Hoopla, the new service it subscribed to using a portion of the pandemic aid funds it received. Hoopla has more than 80,000 titles of all kinds of things – books, audiobooks, movies, TV shows, music and more.

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To use any of these, simply download the app with your phone, then create an account using your library card number and a password you create.


Winners of Piedmont Arts’ Savory September are:

Jim Frith: Tickets for Virginia Tech vs. Wofford

Jim Becker: Tickets for NC State vs. Texas Tech

Martin Gardner: Tickets for Rooster Walk 13

Anna Hatchett: Free rental at TAD Space

Andrew Harder: Armchair by Bassett Furniture

GuyStanley: Bookshelf by Bassett Furniture

Tiff Guilliams: Tailgating Prize Package

Today’s giggle

When my brother Stewart was a semester into college, his friend Terrence, an art student, asked if he could paint Stewart’s portrait for a class assignment. Stewart agreed and it was done.

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Terrence was disappointed with the minus C and asked the instructor why the grade was so bad.

The teacher told him the proportions were wrong: “The head is too small, the elbows are too big and the feet are huge.”

The next day Terrence brought Stewart to the teacher. He took one look and said, “OK, A minus.”

FRIDAYS TRIVIA ANSWER: Captain Kangaroo had two major changes to its set in 1971: The Treasure House, where most of the scenes took place, was renovated and renamed The Treasure Palace; and the captain’s iconic red coat has been swapped out for a navy blue coat.

TODAY’S TRIVIA QUESTION: Which two famous people were regulars on “Captain Kangaroo”?

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