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DELMAR– As Florida begins to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Ian, Star Roofing is preparing its customers for next year’s price increase.

After Ian’s destruction, many people and contractors make their way to Florida to help rebuild homes and roofs lost in the storm. With prices already high due to inflation, Star Roofing’s Peter Wall predicts material costs will increase by 10 to 20 percent in the coming year due to the rebuilding effort in the south. Star Roofing’s solution to the projected increase – if you’re thinking about fixing a roof, now is the time to pay for it.

“Based on inflation and the demand that will be created by the Florida hurricane, in 2023 we can easily see a 10 to 20 percent increase over the course of the year,” Wall said.

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The Capital Region company will recognize any residential contract signed before November 30 for the Roofs of the Year and next Spring 2022 awards. Depending on the weather, some residential roofs can even be completed by the end of December. The predicted start of next spring’s rooftops is April 1st.

Meanwhile, Star Roofing will be inventorying and stockpiling in anticipation of as much material and supplies. Rebuilding Florida will be the top priority for manufacturers and contractors in the country. Materials such as clapboards, tarpaulin and plywood will arrive en masse on the peninsula and will be in short supply for the rest of the country in the coming year.

“The ones that don’t need to be demolished, which many of them will be, will all need roofs,” Wall said. “There’s only a limited number of shingles they make.”

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Star Roofing recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. They are also certified by the manufacturers, which ensures the company is trained, financially recognized and insured to operate in New York State. They also offer an extended warranty on every job they do, which they highly recommend.

As with any item that rises in price from inflation, many are weary of giving up the money or signing a contract for something as large as a roofing job. However, given the devastating amount of destruction Ian has left in his wake, contract job prices are only expected to continue to rise in the new year. Star Roofing and other construction companies across the country are forecasting a 10 to 20 percent increase.

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“Now is the time to act and not wait for this situation to escalate,” Wall said.

With these criteria, Star Roofing and its roofing work are guaranteed by the manufacturer. In addition to the 2022 awards ceremony for next spring, Star Roofing is the place to go if a roof repair is coming up in the near future. Even in the difficult situation next year, Star Roofing is still strong in its position to do the best for its customers.

Staying ahead of the curve, both as a company and as a customer, will end up saving you a lot of money. The time to act is now.


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