Spotify to Cancel 10 Original Shows From Parcast, Gimlet – The Hollywood Reporter

Spotify will be canceling 10 of its original podcasts from Parcast and Gimlet studios over the next month. The Hollywood Reporter have learned.

gimlets How to save a planet, crime show and Every little thing and parquets Medical murders, female criminals, crimes of passion, dictator, mythology, haunted places and Urban Legends will be completed next month. Parcasts Horoscope today will also be shut down, but not until the second quarter of next year.

The cuts are expected to affect less than 5 per cent of the staff working on original podcasts at the audio giant’s in-house studios – including Parcast, Gimlet, The Ringer and Spotify Studios – while others working on the canceled shows will be reassigned to other projects .

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Spotify currently boasts a roster of more than 500 original and exclusive shows produced at its four in-house studios. Staff and shows at The Ringer and Spotify Studios are not expected to be affected.

A Spotify spokesman declined to comment.

Thursday’s cuts mark the first time Spotify has canceled a number of its original podcasts as the audio giant seeks to reallocate resources for existing and new hits, including the upcoming second season of Batman unburiedKim Kardashian The system, Meghan Markles archetypes and Alex Coopers Call her daddy. According to a person familiar with the matter, executives at Spotify are beginning to view the company’s slate of original and exclusive programming in a similar way to how broadcasters and streamers approach TV show renewals and cancellations.

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Spotify first acquired Parcast and Gimlet in 2019 as part of its $1 billion expansion into podcasting. Parcast and Gimlet employees are unionized with the Writers Guild of America, East. The Gimlet union ratified its first contract in March 2021 and Parcast followed a year later, ratifying its first contract in April this year.

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Last year, the audio giant brought in “close to” €200 million, or about $215 million, in podcast revenue, but it also saw a €103 million, or about $110 million, negative impact on gross profit, Spotify executives said in June .

That September, Spotify also officially launched its audiobook business in the US with a library of 300,000 works available for purchase a la carte, although the company is exploring other business models that could potentially include an advertising-based model in the future.

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