Shropshire author buzzing ahead of release of latest book

Roy Bradshaw with his new book
Roy Bradshaw with his new book

Mr. B’s Busy-Bea (The Ritzzz Hotel) is the latest work by Roy Bradshaw and his fourth published work, following three books in the Barley’s Biscuit series.

Roy from Madeley in Telford, a primary school assistant, drew inspiration for his latest book from his experiences as a 3rd grade teacher.

Mr. B’s Busy-Bea (The Ritzzz Hotel) will be uploaded to Amazon and will also be available via the Nielsen Book database towards the end of October.

It’s available to pre-order now through his website.

Roy explains: “The book is vaguely based on my experiences at a school in Telford. I had a little fluffy toy bee called Busy Bee that I gave to the kids as a motivator – something to take home for the weekend or vacation if they did well on their schoolwork.

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“Later, when I was developing the characters for the story, I impersonated Busy Bee and named her Busy-Bea (short for Beatrice),” he added.

“Mr. Busy-Bea (The Ritzzz Hotel) from B proves that Santa isn’t just for humans. The Ritzzz Hotel in the Land-of-Santamonious is home to a colony of bees and their very special queen. However, they are owned by an unseen bane, which is closely guarded by a colony of vicious and nasty creatures called Dragasps – a cross between a dragonfly and a wasp.

“Arthur Smith, known as Teddy, the lucky student who won Mr. B’s famous toy bee for the Christmas holidays, teams up with his grandfather Royston and Busy-Bea to help free the queen and her colony from the curse – but the intrepid trio faces many problems in the process.”

Illustrated by Lisa Williams, published by Media & You, the book is Roy’s attempt to appeal to a wider audience following his three previously published books – Barley’s Biscuit: Pattern’s Rock Quarry, Barley’s Biscuit: A Paddle and the Golden Glow and Barley’s Biscuit: Pipit’s dangerous flight.

He said: “I have another nine books in this series to publish and I have several more Busy-Beas under my hood – three already written. I’m also working on a third series of books called Marti-Rye the Mole and His Munificent Monocle, of which I’ve written three so far.

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“Each of the three series are very different types of adventure stories. Barley’s Biscuit are problem-solving books, Mr. B’s Busy Bea focuses on the battle between good and evil, and Marti-Rye is just a cheeky dude with an obsession for collecting shiny things – especially when they don’t belong to him. ”

Mr B’s Busy-Bea (The Ritzzz Hotel) is available to pre-order from and anyone who would like to get in touch to arrange a school reading or book signing can email Roy at [email protected] com or call him on 07874 706780.

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