Should You Move for a Job? 3 Pros and Cons

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This is a big decision to make.

Important point

  • In some cases, moving can be your ticket to a better job.
  • There are downsides to raising your lifestyle for career goals.

The decision to move from one area to another is a big one. You are talking about the possibility of selling your house and buying a new one, or if not, at the very least, filling up your whole life and needing to get used to the new world.

Now there are different factors that can motivate you to consider a course of action. But a recent CraftJack survey found that the reason Americans move is for work. And if you’ve received an offer that requires you to relocate, it can be difficult to decide. Here are some pros and cons of moving jobs.

Pro no. 1: Advance your career

A career move can mean advancing your career and setting yourself up for success for years to come. Careers in your industry may be difficult in your position. If you move to a part of the country where your industry is booming, you may be buying yourself more security and job opportunities.

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Pro no. 2: It can increase your income

A new job doesn’t always mean a pay raise. But this happens often. If that’s the situation you find yourself in, and the raise at hand is great, it’s worth considering. A higher salary can help you achieve different financial goals, whether it’s saving for retirement, buying a home, or living a lifestyle that doesn’t allow you to rely solely on credit cards.

Pro no. 3: Transfer to someone else’s money

The job offered to you may be in the city you want to move to. If you accept this offer, you may benefit from your employer’s funds. It is customary for companies to offer a variety of relocation packages that may include not only the cost of moving, but also temporary housing while you settle into your new city and role.

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Con No. 1: Take the risk that you won’t like the area

It’s one thing to relocate to an area you’ve spent time in the past. But if this is not the case, you suspect that your surroundings will not suit your needs, either because of a lack of equipment or weather problems.

Con No. 2: Overturn your life with a job that might not work

Whenever you move from one job to another, you may not like your new job, or it may not meet your expectations. But the stakes get even higher when you’ve uprooted your life to take on this new job.

Con No. 3: Transfer costs must be covered

Just because you have to relocate for work doesn’t automatically mean that your new employer will pick up the tab for your move. Granted, it’s something you can, and should, try to negotiate in your work package. But if your employer refuses to leave, you may have to pay thousands of dollars to ship your property from one place to another. And that doesn’t even include the cost of finding a place to live.

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Of course, career transitions can be a mixed bag. If you are thinking of doing this, carefully consider these disadvantages before making your decision. Also, if you have family, talk to them about everything. You should consider how your spouse and children feel about the move.

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