Short-Term Investments Can Increase Reward and Decrease Risk

Concerns about inflation, interest rates and global geopolitical uncertainty can make you nervous about your money. Are your retirement savings protected in the event of a stock market downturn or a prolonged economic downturn? Believe it or not, there are little-known short-term investments that can increase the rewards and reduce the risk of growing your money during tough times, while giving you the opportunity to reinvest when the economy improves.

Investing is a double-edged sword

Inflation and market volatility make having a diversified investment strategy critical to long-term financial success. By investing in the stock market and other options, you can get the leverage you need to weather market downturns. Any type of investment is a double-edged sword. If you get out of the market and out of the money, inflation will suck the life out of your money. And if you use everything you have in a down market, you can increase your losses.

Don’t sit on the sidelines out of fear


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