Santa Monica Press Celebrates the Successful Launch of Its Young Adult Line of Books

Santa Monica Press is honored to announce the enthusiastic response of reviewers, librarians, booksellers and readers from around the world to its newly launched Santa Monica Press / Teen imprint.

SANTA MONICA, California., September 23, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “Fills a Much-Needed Gap” – School Library Journal
“Gracefully written” – Kirkus
“An idiosyncratic, pleasant historical work” – book list
“A cathartic homage to the joys of adolescence” — Publishers Weekly

Santa Monica Press is honored to announce the enthusiastic response of reviewers, librarians, booksellers and readers from around the world to its newly launched Santa Monica Press / Teen imprint.

In January 2022, Santa Monica Press, an award-winning independent publisher of adult nonfiction for nearly 30 years, launched Santa Monica Press/Teen, an imprint focused on historical fiction for young adults and narrative nonfiction for young adults. Our first publications have received rave reviews from highly respected book industries and consumer media, as well as endorsements from a diverse collection of influential, award-winning authors.

While publishers Jeffrey Goldman was confident that the Santa Monica Press/Teen publications would achieve some degree of success and was pleasantly surprised by the results. “I just thought it would take us a while to establish ourselves in the young adult market, but to have the incredible reviews and endorsements we’ve received since launch has been incredibly satisfying. The writers, editors and other members of the team who have worked tirelessly on these books are delighted with the reception and we look forward to continuing to build audiences for our YA titles.”

authors incl Sandra Cisneros, Junot Diaz, Jack Gantosand Julia Chibbaro have praised the titles while receiving enthusiastic reviews from industry publications such as Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal, Kirkus and Booklist, as well as a variety of consumer magazines and websites including Newsweek and Psychology Today.

“We’ve also submitted our YA titles to some of the major YA Awards competitions, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that our titles will catch the eye of some of the judges,” Goldman said. “Winning a major ALA award in our first year would be a dream come true!”

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Here’s a summary of the Santa Monica Press/Teen releases for 2022:

— “With derogatory humor and razor-sharp honesty, the clinical psychotherapist tells her life – from birth to age 45 – with the nostalgic feeling of an older sister offering advice… the portrayed characters, such as the parents and brother the author, are fully realized and presented with warmth…this exploration of mental health from a Latinx perspective fills a much-needed void.” — Shelley M. Diaz, School Library Journal
— “An amazing treatise full of compassion, honesty and hope. Castañeda fearlessly captures how immigration can eat away at the body and how such injuries require a lifetime of healing. One of the bravest debuts I’ve read in years.” —Junot Diaz, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao
— “There are wounds of the spirit that cannot possibly be healed alone. Yvonne Castañeda is a healer who heals others by telling her own story. This book touched me deeply, as it will for many people, who are lost when their DNA contradicts the human image ideal.” – Sandra Cisneros, author of The House on Mango Street

–“[A] gracefully written work that explores historical views of gender roles in the workplace and family. Mattie’s relationships are well developed, the overall writing style is fluid and engaging, and the historical setting is very well drawn. An appendix shows the actual patent text and drawings for Knight’s machine. A fascinating story about a little-known woman.” – Kirkus Reviews
— “Mattie is a marvel! Her cleverness and quick thinking entertain and enlighten this world of 19th Century invention and intrigue. Lynn Ng Quezons The historical novel feels authentic and timely as Mattie holds her own against men less brilliant than her. A must for STEM students and history buffs alike!” – Julie Chibbaro, award-winning author of Into the Dangerous World, Deadly, and Redemption.

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— “Joe tells his story in his own unscripted Frontier voice, which successfully captures a time and place and is particularly effective in describing the horrors of war. [An] idiosyncratic, pleasant history.” – Book list

— “Set in a 1970s suburb los Angeles, Bryan’s slice-of-life novel about wild youth follows four friends as they navigate changing friendship dynamics amidst the era’s quintessential sex, drug and rock ‘n’ roll pleasures. . . . [Douglas’s] Dealing vigorously with the pressures of imminent adulthood is endearing. Bryan’s cathartic homage to the joys of adolescence wisely centers on teenagers’ unbridled ability to live life freely while learning from their mistakes.” – Publishers Weekly
— “At JG Bryan’s Ventura and Zelzah, the social world of 1975 evolves. A get up California Culture gives young Americans the voice, the looks, and the ethics. For these aspiring teenagers, this new and dynamic culture is a backdrop to who they could become.”— Jack Gantos, Newbery Medal Award winning author of Dead End in Norvelt
–“Ventura and Zelzah is a vivid portrayal of the iconic 1970’s San Fernando Valley. Growing up in the Valley, I enjoyed the realistic detail on every page, but the novel also captures the universal journey of a boy growing into a man regardless of time or place.” — Grant Farley, author of Bones of a Saint, a Booklist Top 10 Historical Fiction Youth Book

— “The pace is fast, and the book is packed to the brim with detail… For the inquisitive reader of the Cultural Revolution era or historical memoir, you’ll find within its pages a quick and relatively moving set of stories…. Fans of lyrics from the Chinese diaspora or from memoirs will enjoy it.” – Youth Services Book Review
–“[Chan Zhou] never forgets to express her feelings and let the readers feel the truth! . . . Your writing is exquisite. . . . You can feel the plot and the gist of each and every passage.” – Chinese American Voice

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— “The historical relevance to current events makes it worth reading for those interested in learning more Romania during World War II.” — Historical Novel Society

Upcoming YA titles include:
Acts of Resistance, novel, by Dominic Carillo (978-1-59580-119-7) (March 2023)
One with the Waves, a novel by Vezna Andrews (978-1-59580-122-7) (May 2023)
Chasing Dreams: The True Story of the Youngest Female Tevis Cup Champion, by Sanoma Blakeley (978-1-59580-123-4) (June 2023)
Ventura and Winnetka: A Novel, by JG Bryan (978-15980-124-1) (Aug 2023)
Humphrey and I: A Novel, by Stu Brody (978-15980-125-8) (Sep 2023)

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