Richmond kids shares reviews on their summer reads

Richmond Public Library’s Kids’ Summer Reading Club encourages children to read throughout the summer

As part of the Summer Reading Club, each year we encourage children to let us know what they think of the books they read by writing book reviews, and multiple reviews are selected to be published in the Richmond News all summer long. Here is a selection of reviews we have received.

Book title: The intelligent biscuit
Book author: Jory John and Pete Oswald
Reviewed by: Baker
Age of the child: 4


Book Summary: This book is about a cookie who thinks she’s not smart, but she really is because she’s smart, she just didn’t know it.
Book Review: I like it when the cookie says “AHA” and knows she’s smart because she’s smiling in the pictures and not having a sad face.

Book title: The Chocolate Touch
Book Author: Patrick Skene Catling
Reviewed by: Addison
Age of the child: 9


Book Summary: A boy named John was given a box of 1 chocolate, but after that everything he touched became chocolate. This book is about him trying to undo it and getting into a lot of trouble.

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Book Review: I like this book because it’s fun to read and exciting.

Book Title: The Ultimate Book of African Animals: Your Guide to Animals That Roar, Run, and Totally Rule
Book author: Dereck and Beverly Joubert
Reviewed by Lucas
Age of the child: 9


Book summary: This is a great book about African animals. It tells you all sorts of things about her.
Book Review: I like this book because it contains interesting facts. Here are some examples: An African bombardier beetle defends itself by firing explosive chemicals from its rear end; a male Jackson’s chameleon has thick horns on his face; There used to be a beach ball-sized species of frog called Beelzebufo; young green hoopoes can spill large amounts of liquid droppings; and last but not least, the Zenkerella, an elusive squirrel-like rodent that is perhaps the most mysterious animal alive. No scientist, dead or alive, has ever seen it alive, only dead in the snares of the hunters.

Book title: Adventures on the Ice Planet
Author: Geronimo Stilton
Reviewed by: Matthew
Age of the child: 9

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Book summary : Geronimo Stilton planned to get up late and have breakfast in his bed, get his whiskers trimmed, and finally get to work on his sci-fi novel. But instead he had to play intergalactic space tennis with his grandfather William Shortpaws, visit Professor Greenfur in his laboratory to see his new invention, a portable stellar energy generator powered by human power, and finally bring Benjamin and Bugsy Wugsy to the new theme park Astral Park. Then after all that, a yellow alert happened and now Geronimo has to visit a very icy planet to find Dr. Saving Oslo Bonsai. And along the way they met the Pluffs, weird little cute and cuddly aliens who hypnotized Professor Greenfur, Benjamin, Bugsy Wugsy and Trap under their cuteness spell. Only Geronimo seems to suspect something suspicious. Geronimo was then captured by the Pluffs and found they needed tetrastellium to light their burrows. So Geronimo came up with a plan that he would take off one of his whiskers to tickle Professor Greenfur! Benjamin, Bugsy Wugsy and Trap to wake them up from the spell. Then Geronimo contacted Sally to teleport her back and Professor Greenfur came up with a plan, he used the teletransportix to send the portable star power generator to the Pluffs and Geronimo decided instead of writing his novel to leave a note on his door: Please do not bother. The captain is finally sleeping.

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Book Review: I like this book because it is very interesting and funny.

More than 3,700 children attended the Richmond Public Library’s Kids’ Summer Reading Club this year. This free program encourages children to read throughout the summer and helps maintain or even improve their reading skills. The program, conducted in public libraries across BC, is generously sponsored by the British Columbia Library Association with support from the Public Libraries Branch, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and CUPE BC. Special thanks to the North Richmond RBC community for generously sponsoring prizes for our children’s and youth clubs here in Richmond this year.

Summer Reading Club participants can now collect their reading medal at any RPL branch.

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