Rey Rodriguez: Photographer, Entrepreneur and Founder of The Mind of Rey Rey

For his efforts in the visual arts, he was awarded the title “King of Underground Photography in South Florida.”

Ray Ray Rodriguez (born March 13, 1978) is an American entrepreneur, internationally renowned photographer, social media influencer, and branding and marketing expert. His net worth is estimated to be around $16 million as of September 2022. He is the founder and CEO of The Mind of Rey.

South Florida-based entrepreneur, photographer, social media influencer Ray Ray Rodriguez has been a prominent figure in the worlds of art, business and social media for years. While most successful businessmen master their craft at a young age, his rise didn’t begin until his mid-30s. A former paramedic/photography enthusiast, he quickly gained national recognition as an elite visual artist and soon entered the world of marketing. By the age of 41, this successful artist/entrepreneur has helped dozens of his clients (starting from scratch) achieve wealth and/or fortune, and helped hundreds of others grow and/or build their brand. to improve Many famous celebrities have gained fame through Rodriguez’s behind-the-scenes work.

Youth and education

Ray Ray Rodriguez was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. He moved to Manhattan, New York at the age of three and then moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida as a teenager, where his passion for photography and traveling the art world began.

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In his senior year of high school, he dropped out to work full-time, but years later (at age 25) he graduated with a GED. He then enrolled at Broward College, where he excelled as an honor student, received the Irene Fleischli Excellence Award, held the position of Chair of Broadcast and Film, and earned an Associate of Science in Emergency Medical Services as well as an Associate of Arts degree. . degree in nursing, then enrolled at Florida Atlantic University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies: Film and Video and a minor in photography.

During his time in college, Ray Ray Rodriguez’s name became known in the art community and in the underground art scene. All of his free time was spent honing his skills, and as his photography collection grew, social media, art lovers, and word of mouth helped share his work far and wide.

the profession

In December 2014, Rey Rey Rodriguez founded The Mind of Rey, a branding, marketing and multimedia company based in South Florida with clients worldwide. The company first started as a small local photography company. Eventually, Ray Ray put all the branding knowledge he had gained into his own business, adding full branding, marketing, and multimedia as services. In 2021, he partnered with one of the largest website building platforms in the world for his company’s web development arm.

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In June 2021, Ray Ray Rodriguez turned down a $3 million offer to buy the rights to his photography portfolio from an undisclosed clothing company in the UK. When asked why she turned it down, she replied: “My shoots are full of models, public figures and celebrities who are not properly compensated for their likeness. This deal included ownership of my social sites. So I had to humbly accept this offer.”

Today, celebrities, athletes, public figures, politicians, activists, non-profits, large corporations, startups and small businesses alike come to Ray Ray Rodriguez to help grow their brand. He has set a high bar and created a path for those seeking to become rich and self-made entrepreneurs.

personal life

Today he lives in South Florida and strives to be the best at what he does while helping others succeed. She frequently interacts with others on social media (everywhere @themindofreyrey) and maintains a healthy and productive lifestyle. “Anyone can start a business from scratch and build an empire, with the right strategy and dedication,” he says. Just go out and do it!”

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Ray Ray Rodriguez has always said that his personal life and work life are the same. “When you enjoy what you do, it never feels like work. You wake up excited to start work. When your passion for an industry becomes your source of income, your career is like any other hobby you love. “My goal is to continue to work hard and get better at everything I do, while helping as many people as I can along the way.”

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