Remove barriers for entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka

COLOMBO (News 1st) – The chairman of the National Council’s subcommittee for identifying priorities in formulating short-, medium- and long-term strategies, Member of Parliament Namal Rajapaksa, tasked Anusha Gokula, Director-General – Department of Manpower and Employment, with the organisation a preliminary meeting within two weeks in coordination with all relevant institutions to remove the existing obstacles to entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka and quickly prepare a new political framework.

It was stressed at the sub-committee that starting a business in Sri Lanka has become a complex process, therefore a policy framework should be prepared that makes it a very simple and easy task like in developed countries.

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The subcommittee also agreed to discuss and adopt the necessary legal and policy changes to make this process easier and more efficient in coordination with the offices of the division secretary and district secretariat and related institutions at the next committee meeting.

These recommendations were made when officials representing the Department of Labor and Employment and the Attorney General’s Office were called before the National Council’s subcommittee on determining priorities in formulating short-, medium- and long-term measures in order to formulate related national Discuss measures to promote entrepreneurship and investment.

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Anusha Gokula, Director-General of the Ministry of Manpower and Employment, pointed out that since entrepreneurship and career guidance are a right that should be granted to the students of Sri Lanka, the education policy should be changed to include them in the school education system.

According to a recent survey, there are nearly 800,000 youth in Sri Lanka who are Not in Employment, Education, Training (NEET) and in need of professional guidance, including entrepreneurship. The committee discussed that biographies of successful entrepreneurs should be included in the education curriculum in Sri Lanka and that children from school age should be made aware of new career opportunities and entrepreneurship that go beyond traditional jobs.

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Therefore, the Committee recommended that education policies should be prepared for adequate guidance on choosing a relevant career field from the 9th grade or based on one’s own abilities and desires, and that the Ministry of Education should make appropriate proposals and develop guidelines

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