Remarks by President Biden in Press Gaggle

Baskin Robbins
Portland, Oregon

15:26 PDT

Q How do you feel about the trip?

THE PRESIDENT: I ​​feel fine. Feel well.

Q How do you rate the Democrats’ chances here?

THE PRESIDENT: I ​​think she will win. I really do. I think people will show up and vote. I think it will work.

Q Are you nervous about the third party?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, if you take it – if she takes it seriously. But you know. Who gets nervous, right?

Q You talked about President Trump’s influence on local races. What did you think of this week’s hearings on January 6th?

THE PRESIDENT: I ​​think the testimonies in the video are indeed devastating. And I’ve tried my best not to comment and see what happens. But it’s – I think it was devastating.

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I mean, the case has been made, it seems to me, quite overwhelming. But if I say more about it, you’ll ask me – legitimately – if I’m trying to influence the Attorney General. I’m not. I haven’t spoken to him at all. But it was –

Am I going – (pauses to speak to staff).

Q Mr President, a terrible fire is breaking out in Evin Prison in Iran, the prison where political prisoners are held.

THE PRESIDENT: The Iranian government is so repressive that one can have nothing but enormous respect for these people who are marching in the streets.

I mean, I have to admit, I was surprised – not by the reaction; I was surprised by the courage of the people and women who took to the streets – to take off their headscarves.

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I mean it was really amazing. It was really amazing. But they are – they are not – they are not a good group in government.

Q Mr. President, you talked about being a person going up in the economy and not a person going down. What do you think of what is happening in the UK and Prime Minister Truss’ trickle-down plan, from which she had to resign?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, it is predictable. I mean I wasn’t the only one who thought it was a bug. And –

Q your plan?


But look, she – sorry.

(Pause to pay.)

But I think that the idea of ​​lowering taxes on the super-rich came at a time when – anyway, I just think – I didn’t agree with the policy, but that’s for Britain to judge, not me.

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Q And worry about – just another economic. Are you worried about the strength of the dollar right now?

THE PRESIDENT: I’m not concerned about the strength of the dollar. I’m worried about the rest of the world. Does this make sense?

Q Can you explain that?

THE PRESIDENT: Our economy is strong as hell – the inside of it. Inflation is worldwide. Anywhere else is worse than the United States.

So the problem is the lack of economic growth and sound policies in other countries, not so much in ours. And that has — it’s global inflation, and it has consequences.

15:32 PDT


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