Rediscover Your Business Mojo With The Entrepreneurs’ Energy Score

Running a business at any stage takes energy, both physical and mental. Energy to find your big idea, start executing it, sell your products and services, find your target audience and start engaging them. Not to mention the energy to get out of bed in the morning and keep going when the going gets tough. Entrepreneurs who give up too soon run out of energy long before they run out of time, money, or ideas.

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With so many ways to spend your energy and so many influences trying to take it away from you, energy management has arguably become more important than time or people management.

By default, your energy is highest when you wake up and then depletes throughout the day. This is true of your motivation, your mojo and your physical preparation. See yourself as a video game character whose energy bar decreases as he runs and jumps. The races and leaps an entrepreneur faces include emails, phone calls, meetings, requests from others, new information, and bad news. Each has the potential to zap energy, leaving none for deep work or the things that really matter. Your video game character can also collect energy boosts. These are conversations that inspire, projects that excite you, and experiences that enlighten you.

What is the energy score of contractors?

The contractor’s energy score categorizes everything that crosses your path on a scale of -3 to +3, with 0 being neutral. Activities, people, places, and tasks that zap your emotional energy are given a score of -3, -2, or -1 depending on the degree to which they do so. The same factors that elevate you are rated 1, 2 or 3.

Rating external events puts you in control to retain or remove them from your work. This forces you to ask questions like, “Is this difficult customer worth it? “How will I feel after scrolling through Instagram?” “Did this encounter with a friend make me feel better or worse?” Of course, there are layers to each partition. While intense training can leave you feeling tired, the release of endorphins and the contribution to your health will give you more energy over a prolonged period. Consider both long-term and short-term aspects when scoring activities.

The score can be used to categorize your own thoughts, words and actions. When you find yourself judging, comparing, or belittling, write down how you feel and rate it accordingly. The same goes for the conversations you have with others, where you can choose to talk about the bad news you just received or your sports injury, focusing the discussion on the complaint, considering its energy score, you can focus on the benefits, or where you go from here.

Without awareness of the impact of outside influences on you, your day-to-day emotions will be at the mercy of whatever is happening. This isn’t about fake paper positivity on the cracks, it’s about training your brain to operate at a higher frequency. To spot solutions, overcome challenges, and default to a more useful channel.

How to Use the Contractor Energy Score

Use the Entrepreneur Energy Score to audit your life. Keep track of what you do throughout the day and write down the score for each activity. Think back to some of your happiest days and remember what they entailed, the same with some of your lows. Find the patterns and figure out what in your current life is a downside and what is positively impacting your energy.

Then make the changes. Consciously shift your thoughts to a higher channel, speak words consistent with these enhanced thoughts. Seek to remove low energy conversations, people, places and activities from your life, replacing them with positive things or simply leaving the space open for whatever might be around the corner.

Concretely, if you know that doing your VAT declaration exhausts you, it may be time to outsource it. If you hate shopping with passion, who could get rid of it? On the other hand, noticing what lights you up can show you the way to having more impact. Write, record, learn, play; doing more could be your calling. With your diary free of low-power scenarios, you can dig deeper into anything that brings you flow.

Why use the Contractor Energy Score?

Using an energy score means evaluating each facet of your day based on how it contributes to how you feel. Understand what makes you visionary and what scares you. Operating as your higher self, the one that feels happy, makes bold plans and takes inspired action, rather than the lower self that is driven by fear, greed and competition.

The Contractor Energy Score is a handy way to assess your day to get the most out of it. Evaluating each factor and its impact on your energy levels can be a powerful way to consistently perform at a higher frequency, and the cascading benefits could be enormous. Doing the work you look forward to, seeing the people who inspire you take action, and only spending your time with what makes you feel good could lead to conversations and opportunities that are like you. Increase your energy and change your life.


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