Rebecca Fischer, Divibank: Helping Brazilian entrepreneurs scale with non-dilutive capital, Ep 186

Before Divibank, small and medium-sized businesses in Brazil had only two financing options: borrowing from a bank or raising venture capital. But most startups don’t meet bank funding requirements, and not every company can or wants to raise VC.

Divibank offers startups and SMEs a third alternative: sales-based financing. Divibank was founded in 2020 by funding digital marketing campaigns via a revenue sharing model. Since then, Divibank has launched other products, including inventory financing and recurring revenue financing.

In this episode, I sat down with Rebecca Fischer, CPO and co-founder of Divibank, to talk about what she’s learned from working on digital marketing campaigns for big brands, how she got Divibank off the ground, and how Divibank can create a better one Brazil offers a financing alternative for entrepreneurs.

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The overlooked potential of ad spend

Before founding Divibank, Rebecca worked for an advertising agency where she helped companies grow through paid digital ads. Clients were investing huge amounts of money in their digital marketing campaigns and the returns have been great.

During her time as an ad campaign manager, Rebecca discovered two things that got the idea for Divibank going: ad spend was a real asset class that could be an alternative to VC funding, and many people weren’t taking their ad spend as seriously as they thought it should be .

Listen to this episode to learn how Rebecca found a way to provide entrepreneurs with financing so they can scale through digital marketing campaigns.

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Non-dilutive capital to extend entrepreneurs’ runways

Divibank provides financing for founders who are not diluted by venture capital and want access to capital to scale their businesses.

The startup’s clients are typically digitally native companies that know what their revenue will look like in the short term. They’re looking for funding but aren’t quite ready to share the pie with many other shareholders. Divibank gives them the freedom to choose whether to raise VC money or continue to grow with non-dilutive capital.

Watch this episode to find out how Divibank is helping founders in Brazil expand and increase their runways when they have a higher rating.

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Outline of this episode:

  • [01:10] – About DiviBank
  • [01:42] – How financing for SMEs in Brazil looks like
  • [03:40] – The average customer of Divibank
  • [05:10] – Rebecca’s background
  • [06:00] – Experiences from working in advertising agencies
  • [08:08] – ABC of non-dilutive financing
  • [11:30] – Divibank is zero to one
  • [12:58] – The first steps of the Divibank
  • [14:43] – Divibank’s experience with fundraising
  • [16:30] – Where is Divibank today
  • [17:49] – Rebecca’s book recommendations
  • [19:21] – Rebecca’s Advice to a Younger Me
  • [20:10] – What’s next for Divibank

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