PU’s Vadodara Start-up Festival 3.0 secure 27 Cr investments & 550+ internships

India, January 6, 2023: Vadodara-based premier educational center with focus on industry and entrepreneurship institute, Parul University, recently hosted the third edition of Vadodara Startup Festival (VSF). With over 25,000 budding entrepreneurs from across the city, Gujarat as well as the country, the Vadodara Startup Festival 3.0 saw over 10,500 beneficiaries in August featuring eminent personalities from various business houses. And also the government. Eminent figures who graced the event also shared their business insights, entrepreneurial journeys and nuggets of wisdom.

The 3-day startup carnival at Parul University brought together a powerhouse of business thinkers who have not only shaped and contributed greatly to India’s business landscape, but are also eager to mentor, guide and invest in the new generation of entrepreneurs. This event was held with the aim of strengthening the spirit of entrepreneurship among the Parul University group and bringing the best incubation ideas to the fore in the institution.

Along with the investment opportunity, young leaders, especially from more than 200 startups in various sectors, were mentored and cared for by industry experts.

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Along with the investment opportunity, young leaders, especially from more than 200 startups in various sectors, were mentored and cared for by industry experts.

70 distinguished guest speakers were Shri. Bipin Hadwani, founder and director of Gopal Namkeen; Shri DR Parmar, Joint Commissioner of Industries and Startups, Gujarat Cell. Shri Premraj Keshyep, MD, KYB Conmet India; Mr. Hiranmay Mahanta, Managing Director, IHub Gujarat, Government of Gujarat; Mr. Dishit Nathwani, director of Gulab Oil and Foods. Mr. Kamal Bansal, Managing Director, Gujarat Venture Finance Limited; and many others. In addition, the famous founder of BharatPe and a judge on the popular reality TV show Shark Tank, Mr. Ashner Grover, featured in the guest list.

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Commenting on the success of the startup carnival, Dr. Devanshu Patel, Chancellor of Parul University said, “The active participation of many young entrepreneurs and innovators from higher education, primary and secondary education, is proof of the impact of the Vadodara Startup Festival on entrepreneurship.” It is the state’s largest startup conference. And in its third year of collaboration, I believe we will continue to see its impact on India’s path in preparing future business leaders.”

Further, explaining the vision of hosting the Vadodara Startup Festival, Mr. Jay Soudani, CEO, Entrepreneurship Development Center of the university said, “Our efforts as an institution are dedicated to expressing our support for India’s startup movement. I believe this can only be achieved as a collective effort – meaning that through the involvement of every stakeholder in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, from incubators to investors and through the Vadodara Startup Festival, I am happy that we are able to create such a platform that “At those startups we meet to compete, but to complement each other, and this year was a huge success, with over 9,000 attendees, and 75 guest speakers, 100 percent of whom were entrepreneurs.”

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Initiated by Paul University, VSF 3.0 held 12 business-focused programs. Key features of the festival included the Startup Expo, an exhibition of outstanding startups from various sectors, and the Startup Masterclass, where top entrepreneurs shared their journeys and ideas. Additionally, the Shark Tank segment was brought to the same platform as the Tycoon from the TV show, Shark Tank. And the idea of ​​Pitching was done with the aim of providing a platform to budding entrepreneurs to launch their business and create an attractive ecosystem to exchange ideas. In addition, there were programs such as Mentor Garage, Startup Information Street, Startup Intern Carnival, and Founders Talk.

The highlight of the event was when 30 investors were ready to invest and be a part of the startup journey of Parol University students as well as other young entrepreneurs. During these three days, the young entrepreneurs got more than 27 crores of investment and opportunities to intern at more than 550 famous startups. Along with the investment opportunity, young leaders, especially from more than 200 startups in various sectors, were mentored and cared for by industry experts. These sessions included individual and group mentoring, with discussions ranging from investment and marketing options to business model improvements.

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In line with Parul University’s vision of spreading powerful ideas across the country beyond the confines of its campus space, the festival’s unique feature, Tiny Tycoons, focused on instilling and encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship in school students. One of the flagship events at VSF 3.0, Tiny Tycoons showcased Anand Vidya Vihar and New Era Senior Secondary School from Gujarat to nurture creativity and ideas in children. Additionally, with the growing influence of the popular entrepreneurial TV show Shark Tank, the university continued to add an innovative element with 8 key figures appearing and receiving funding through the platform. Shark Tank House allows aspiring entrepreneurs and startup founders to learn the basics of investing and incubation through the journeys of such key figures.

Moreover, apart from academic endeavors in various disciplines, Parul University’s commitment to entrepreneurship helps the youth of Gujarat realize their business goals through the Vadodara Startup Studio.

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