Province invests in research infrastructure, innovation at post-secondary institutions

The BC Knowledge Development Fund (BCKDF) has awarded $17,335,037 to 55 research projects at the University of British Columbia. This investment helps ensure researchers at the University of British Columbia have access to state-of-the-art scientific equipment and infrastructure to be well-positioned to lead BC into the future.

CGEn: A national platform for genome sequencing and analysis, under the direction of Steven Jones.
BCKDF Contribution: $3,229,712

iMAP: Mesoscale In Vivo Assessment of Neuroprojectoma, under the direction of Timothy Murphy.
BCKDF Contribution: $2,315,582

Phase I: enabling the search for neutrinoless double-beta decays in Xe-136 with nEXO, under the direction of Reiner Krücken.
BCKDF Contribution: $1,499,517

Canadian Longitudinal Study of Aging (CLSA): A Platform for Interdisciplinary Research, under the direction of Teresa Liu-Ambrose.
BCKDF Contribution: $1,480,000

CCAT-prime: A submillimeter wavelength survey telescope in Chile, led by Douglas Scott.
BCKDF Contribution: $1,200,000

Single molecule and single cell microscopy platform for therapeutics research and development, under the direction of Sabrina Leslie.
BCKDF Contribution: $462,446

Advanced organic products from Canadian forests, under the direction of Johan Foster.
BCKDF Contribution: $400,000

Sensory System Adaptations through Electroreception: From Molecules to Behavior, under the direction of Duncan Leitch.
BCKDF Contribution: $380,000

AI-driven platform to translate precision medicine discoveries in women’s cancer, led by Ali Bashashati.
BCKDF Contribution: $325,000

Using fNIRS to reveal neurodevelopmental differences due to prematurity, under the direction of Lauren Emberson.
BCKDF Contribution: $245,000

Evolution of breath as a diagnostic paradigm for human health, under the direction of Jane Hill.
BCKDF Contribution: $240,000

The RNA Regulation Laboratory (RRL): A Platform to Discover the Role of RNA Regulation in Autism Spectrum Disorders, led by Ethan Greenblatt.
BCKDF Contribution: $220,000

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Integrated in situ observing system to track humidity sources in a warming Arctic, under the direction of Anais Orsi.
BCKDF Contribution: $192,000

Functional metabolism and transport using mass spectrometry (MeTSpec), under the direction of Seth Parker.
BCKDF Contribution: $180,000

Hyperpolarized 129-xenon pediatric functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), under the direction of Jonathan Rayment.
BCKDF Contribution: $175,000

Controlling the reaction environment in sustainable catalytic processes for the production of fuels, chemicals and electricity, under the direction of David Upham.
BCKDF Contribution: $159,821

mapping the virus-immune interactome, under the direction of Maria Tokuyama.
BCKDF Contribution: $150,000

Collaborative Digital Heritage Studio (CoDHerS), led by Ayinuerguli Kadeer.
BCKDF Contribution: $130,000

A functional genomics platform to analyze cancer-associated glycosylation, under the direction of Simon Wisnovsky.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

Advanced infrared spectroscopy system for the mechanistic study of catalytic carbon oxide reduction, under the direction of Eva Nichols.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

Automated growth and screening platform to elucidate plant water needs, under the direction of Thorsten Knipfer.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

cell competition analysis platform, under the direction of Nika Shakiba.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

Canadian Institutes of Health Research Partnership Fellowship, Canada Research Chair in Senior Care, under the direction of Lillian Hung.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

Control and instrumentation infrastructure for research into high-speed bearingless motors, led by Minkyun Noh.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

Controlled-Environment Facility for Crop-Pathology and Genetics Research (CEF-CPG), under the direction of Gurcharn Singh Brar.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

Canada Research Chair in Technical Immune Tolerance, under the direction of Megan Levings.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

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Developing natural language processing and machine learning to accelerate research into breast cancer outcomes, under the direction of Kathryn Isaac.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

Infrastructure for studies on cognition, behavior and ecology of urban wild animals, under the direction of Sarah Benson-Amram.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

Infrastructure to build a combined regenerative and precision medicine reproductive research program, conducted by Ryan Flannigan.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

Integrated SOILRES platform for advanced study of soil processes driving resilience of agroecosystems under climate change, under the direction of Jean-Thomas Cornelis.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

metabolic monitoring of immune cell function, under the direction of Ramon Klein Geltink.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

Advanced data analysis tools for reaction discovery and development, directed by Jolene Reid.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

Laboratory infrastructure for musculoskeletal health and mobility, under the direction of Jackie Whittaker.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

Investigating the interaction between representations and behaviors underlying navigation, Led by Manu Sasidharan Madhav.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

RNA Amplification and Clinical Translation Platform (REACT), directed by Anna Blakney.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

Spatial characterization of human atherosclerotic diseases for the development of therapies and biomarkers, led by Ying Wang.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

Single-cell spatial imaging in the lungs, directed by Tillie-Louise Hackett.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

Targeted inhibition of STAT3 oncogenic signaling using state-of-the-art chemical-biological techniques, led by Brent Page.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

UBC Laboratory for Nutritional Epidemiology and Big Data Analytics, led by Masha Jessri.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

Wearable systems to characterize the sensorimotor response to impulsive loads, led by Calvin Kuo.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

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µXRF mapping for mineral exploration and mineral processing, under the direction of Shaun Barker.
BCKDF Contribution: $125,000

Optical coherence tomography for phenotyping of the small airways in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, under the direction of Janice Leung.
BCKDF Contribution: $124,382

Naturalistic neuroimaging of child psychiatric disorders, under the direction of Tamara Vanderwal.
BCKDF Contribution: $124,319

Healthy brain development in preterm infants, led by Manon Ranger.
BCKDF Contribution: $123,640

Infrastructure for design, characterization and structural integrity analysis of advanced out-of-autoclave composites, under the direction of Yasmine Abdin.
BCKDF Contribution: $122,974

Simulation-based modeling of industrial, large-scale fiber-reinforced polymer composite 3D printing, under the direction of Sergei Kravchenko.
BCKDF Contribution: $122,353

Innovations for rehabilitation after craniocerebral trauma, under the direction of Julia Schmidt.
BCKDF Contribution: $120,596

development and rehabilitation of the pediatric brain, under the direction of Jill Zwicker.
BCKDF Contribution: $120,384

Beyond Ratings: A Neurophysiology Laboratory to Assess the Neurobiology of Pain, under the direction of John Kramer.
BCKDF Contribution: $109,397

Research area environmental economics, under the direction of Frederik Noack.
BCKDF Contribution: $107,575

language and development laboratory, led by Alexis Black.
BCKDF Contribution: $92,999

maximizing value from Canada’s forests, under the direction of Dominik Röser.
BCKDF Contribution: $90,684

Communicable Disease: An Interdisciplinary History, under the direction of Heidi Tworek.
BCKDF Contribution: $81,016

Platform Riverscapes (LegoFlume), led by Marwan Hassan.
BCKDF Contribution: $74,488

The Laboratory for Experimental Linguistics and Fieldwork, under the direction of Christopher Hammerly.
BCKDF Contribution: $61,152

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