Premier of Tasmania – Parliament’s return to focus on strengthening our economy and creating jobs for Tasmanians

September 25, 2022

Nic Street, head of the house

Parliament returns on Tuesday after adjourned two weeks ago to pay our respects to the death of the late monarch, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Parliament will deal primarily with legislation to make the public holiday retrospective for last Thursday 22 September by amending the Public Holidays Act 2000.

On Tuesday we will also offer all members of the House of Representatives the opportunity to pay tribute to the life and ministry of Queen Elizabeth II.

Whilst a joint motion of condolences was adopted by both Houses on our final day of sittings, it is important that all elected Members are given the opportunity to make a personal contribution to this matter.

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Our legislative agenda reflects our plan to strengthen our economy and create jobs for Tasmanians.

Next week there will be a debate on the Land Use Planning and Permission Amendment (Major Projects) Act, which will further streamline the evaluation process for major projects in the state.

The completion of major infrastructure projects in Tasmania is an important part of the government’s long-term economic plan, as a growing Tasmanian economy creates jobs and provides additional revenue for the essential services Tasmania needs.

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The Attorney General will introduce legislation to amend Tasmania’s building code framework to strengthen consumer protections, increase accountability and allow for simplified dispute resolution for housing works.

This legislation ensures that anyone building a new home in Tasmania has better consumer protections and will boost confidence for anyone looking to enter the property market.

This bill is important as the Government advances its commitment to significantly increase the housing supply in Tasmania, including the delivery of an additional 10,000 social and affordable homes by 2032.

Amendments to the Roads and Piers Act are also being discussed to modernize the way in which road network maintenance, vegetation management and hazard remediation are carried out.

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We will also introduce the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill, which is a major strengthening of the existing law and provides better protection for Tasmanian animals – including pets, livestock and wildlife.

In his insurrection, the House will reconvene on Tuesday, October 18 and October 19 to make up for the week that was adjourned.

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