Poilievre Is Poilievre’s Worst Enemy

The first week of the new conservative leader has proven one thing: those who analyze politics will not get bored so quickly. What remains to be proven, however, is that Pierre Poiliver has the stature of a prime minister.

On the plus side, Mr Poilievre put in a very solid performance after declaring his victory. No arrogance despite the magnitude of the victory, his speech would likely rally the party to rally the loser camps.

Pierre Poiliver’s speech was enhanced by the warm and heartfelt presentation of his wife Anayada. A kind and natural communicator, she spoke about the couple’s personal journey in a most inspiring way. His performance allowed him to hear from French (Quebec) to English, seamlessly transitioning to his native Spanish.

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The new Conservative leader is delivering a coherent message when it comes to the economy and public finances. In the short term, it will solve the problem of taxpayers’ purchasing power. As leader of the opposition, he exerts the necessary pressure on the government. As a conservative leader, he presented an alternative view of financial management.

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However, other turning points in his first week raise questions about his leadership type. The covert assault on Alain Rais’ constituency was an embarrassing lack of class. The leader will always have the benefit of the doubt that they were neither behind the initiative nor aware of it.

The party finally apologized late Wednesday night. But for someone who should avoid being identified as Canada’s Donald Trump at all costs, this episode should have been avoided. All Trump has to do is launch a campaign of mass destruction against an elected official who is not responding to the boss’s wishes.

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Of course, comparisons to Trump were also resumed as the Polliver team launched an all-out attack on the media at large. Because even a single reporter was rude during his press conference, the Conservatives launched an aggressive campaign, declaring all media allies of Justin Trudeau.

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Note that the strategy is a little big: the next line of the message asked the conservative sympathizer to donate!!! Helping the poor party by bypassing the biased media. ,

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Seriously, before claiming that Le Journal de Montréal is part of Justin Trudeau’s salary, Mr. Poiliver should read the columns of Joseph Feckle and Richard Martino!

Two other things bother me. A leader is recognized by his ability to rise above partiality. He can be tough, very tough on Justin Trudeau’s attacks, but there’s a limit. The leader of the opposition must show a modicum of respect to the institution that the prime minister represents.

He has to prove that in the event of a major crisis, when the Prime Minister approaches him with the necessary cooperation, he will act responsibly and not make fun of him on the phone.

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