Plus500’s Management Team Held the Company’s First Ever Capital Markets Day Event

Plus500, the global multi-asset fintech group, hosted its first-ever Capital Markets Day event this week, featuring presentations from the group’s Chair, Professor Jacob Frenkel, who shared his view on the group’s bright future. In addition, the Plus500 management team made presentations in a number of areas and expressed their excitement at Plus500’s market-leading position, the strengths of its proprietary technology-based trading platforms and its key growth opportunities, particularly in the US futures market.

In the US futures market, Plus500 identifies two major growth opportunities. First, the group is launching TradeSniper, an intuitive new trading platform designed for the large retail audience. Second, Plus500 is targeting an institutional opportunity where its brokerage execution and clearing services are offered to institutional clients. Advances toward these opportunities are fueled by Plus500’s healthy balance sheet and highly differentiated technological capabilities.

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Other key areas covered at Capital Markets Day included Plus500’s strategy, track record, financial dynamics and business opportunities. In addition, there was deep insight into the technology, marketing, operations and product of the group. Management stressed that the strength of its proprietary technology-based trading platform has enabled the group to pursue its goal of becoming a multi-asset fintech platform, with the group now expecting the cultivated growth opportunities to generate incremental annual revenues over five years approximately $500 million to be achieved by expanding existing products, introducing new products, deepening customer loyalty and expanding into new regions, including the United States.

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Plus500 has developed a wide range of technological capabilities over the years to support clients on their journey as the group continues to diversify its product portfolio and geographic footprint.

These factors will drive Plus500’s future growth through the expansion of existing products, the launch of new products, deepening customer loyalty and expansion into new regions, including the US.

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